Plug and Play invests in Swiss blockchain startup

Founded in February 2022, blockchain startup nobank aims to make blockchain technology and Web3 accessible to everyone. The startup has obtained fresh capital from Silicon Valley Accelerator Plug and Play.

Zug-based startup nobank lowers the financial, technical and knowledge-related barriers to entering and interacting with Web3 while preserving the principle of self-ownership in transactions with digital assets. This makes crypto investments, NFT art, gaming and many other applications available to new user groups. The nobank app has been shortlisted for the Best of Swiss App award 2022 and is well on its way to realize the founders’ vision to make Web3 easily accessible to everyone.

The idea of making effective peer-to-peer transactions and self-ownership accessible to all, regardless of technical knowledge or financial power, resonated with Plug and Play founder Saeed Amidi. An initial meeting at the end of March 2022 in Zurich resulted in a dialogue that convinced both sides of a possible partnership.

The entrepreneurial exchange with Saeed and Seena Amidi, as well as the professional with Maximilian Jungreis, crypto lead at Plug and Play, and his team were very enriching for nobank. However, the decision for the partnership was not only based on the entrepreneurial opportunities for the startup. «Our personal meetings with Plug and Play were very important for the decision. We felt that our vision was understood and shared», says Andras Hejj, CEO of nobank. «We look forward to continuing our exchange with the Plug and Play team and the valuable expansion of our network.”

For Plug and Play, nobank is one of the most recent additions to their fintech vertical: «Making blockchain technology more accessible is key to innovating the way we invest and interact with this new digital economy. Financial and knowledge-based obstacles shouldn’t hinder the masses from participating, which is why it’s exciting to partner with startups like nobank who have the solutions», said Saeed Amidi, CEO and founder of Plug and Play.

(Press release)