Medtech start-ups enroute to transform the industry

After more than three years of milestone-based support and coaching, the Swiss Innovation Agency awarded five medtech start-ups the Innosuisse Certificate, in recognition for their readiness for external investment and sustainable growth. Part 3 of our series with companies awarded the Innosuisse Certificate.

GetSet Surgical SA – founded in 2016, designs and manufactures 100% sterile “Good to Go!” surgical systems for spinal surgery. The tools, GoPLF! and GoLIF! are designed to facilitate better surgical outcomes in a simplified, repeatable and efficient way, while eliminating inefficiency of implant handling through a safer method of implant storage and transfer into the sterile field. Both products have been certified (CE-Mark) for use in Europe and GoPLF! has been cleared for use by the US FDA (510K). With the first two surgeries completed in the US as part of a limited launch period, GetSet plans to officially launch across the US during 2023.

Lumendo – the EPFL and ETH Zurich spinoff is developing a portfolio of light-active fillers and micro-surgical instruments to treating and filling cavities inside the body. The technology can be used to build up any type of implants inside the body using an access channel of less than half a millimeter in diameter. Dentists for instance can use it for root canal procedures, one of the most difficult procedures having a low success rate. Orthopaedics and neurovascular surgeons can also benefit from this solution. Among Lumendo’s achievements in the past 12 months was the closing of its first clinical trial with positive results, the receipt of a Eurostars Grant, a financing round and the appointment of new board members.

Lymphatica – with LymphoDrain, Lymphatica introduced the first implantable artificial lymphatic discrete wearable device that allows for automated lymph drainage for millions of lymphedema patients worldwide. The device is designed to recirculate lymph, thereby re-establishing the physiological fluid equilibrium. Following years of research and development, the start-up has implanted its drainage device for lymphedema treatment in six patients during the LymphoPilot first-in-man clinical study in patients with secondary upper limb lymphedema. While results are still preliminary, they confirm LymphoDrain’s potential for drastically improving lymphedema patient’s outcome and quality of life.

OxyPrem – aims to prevent cognitive impairments, disabilities or death in preterm infants. The company develops, designs, and manufactures sensor solutions for brain oxygen monitoring of newborns to support doctors in decision making to avoid long term consequences. Its non-invasive CE-marked device, placed on the head, continuously monitors oxygenation drops and notifies doctors when to increase the levels. It is used by clinicians across Europe and other countries worldwide.

Synple Chem – provides an automated laboratory device using revolutionary reagent capsules to make the synthesis of molecules faster and more efficient. Using this technology researchers in chemistry will be able to advance their programs in a fraction of the time while reducing costs, enhancing productivity, and accelerating scientific discoveries. Following the product launch, the company has seen consistent growth over the past years.

More information on Innosuisse coaching and the Innosuisse Certificate can be found on the Innosuisse website. 

Update: This article is part 3 of our series with companies awarded the Innosuisse Certificate. You can find the other articles by using the "Innosuisse" tag. 

(Ritah Ayebare Nyakato)