Carrier Ventures invests in Swiss deeptech startup

Archilogic is one of the three startups that received an investment from the newly formed Carrier Ventures, the investment arm of the Carrier Global Corporation. The startup’s scalable and modular 3D engine that can quickly turn layouts of properties in 3D models, aligns with the investor’s carbon reduction goals.

Launched in 2022 with a vision to accelerate the development of sustainable innovations and disruptive technologies, Carrier Ventures is an important accelerator of Carrier's 2030 Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Goal to help its customers reduce their carbon footprints by more than one gigaton. Carrier has also committed to investing more than $2 billion by 2030 to develop healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions that incorporate sustainable design principles and reduce lifecycle impacts.

Five projects have received investment, including Zurich-based Archilogic is the holistic spatial data platform for the internet. It provides product managers and software developers with infrastructure for building scaled, spatially aware apps that let end users interact with their spaces in the way they need.

Archilogic's software will be used in Carrier's Abound cloud-based digital platform to give customers a clear and accurate view of their building interiors in one easy interface, allowing them to unlock and visualize building data to create healthier, more efficient spaces.

"Carrier is pleased to add three more disruptive companies to the Carrier Ventures investment portfolio that share our commitment to decarbonizing buildings and creating healthier, safer environments for the people who occupy them," Jennifer Anderson, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Business Development & Chief Sustainability Officer. "Our partnerships with Archilogic, Butlr and Transaera will help to accelerate the commercialization of next-generation technology, contributing to a more sustainable world."

(Press release/RAN)
Photo: Archilogic's SDK & API