Euronext expands to Switzerland


Swiss companies including Geneuro and Genkyotex went public recently at Euronext. Now Euronext launches a European Tech SME initiative, opening offices in four new countries – Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland –  and deploying teams on the ground to work collaboratively with local ecosystems.


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SnowHaze version 2.0 for enhanced internet privacy has launched


Zurich based startup Illotros GmbH has launched version 2.0 of their App, SnowHaze, a no-log VPN service and search engine for iOS devices. SnowHaze is a fast and easy to use browser with extensive anti-phishing possibilities designed to improve user privacy and security on the internet. The App is now available is the Apple App store.


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Mit der Plattform können Fluggäste Entschädigungen bei Airlines einfordern, wenn der Flug Verspätung hat, annulliert wurde oder das Gepäck verschwunden ist. Obwohl die Plattform erst im Frühjahr gestartet ist, konnte Sie bereits die berechtigten Ansprüche von Dutzenden Betroffenen durchsetzen.


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3’000 m2 Bürofläche für Startups am See in Zürich


Die 2013 gestartete Immobilienfirma Projekt Interim hat sich auf Zwischennutzungen und Leerstandsmanagement spezialisiert. Aktuell sind in einem Objekt an der Zürcher Feldeggstrasse Büros für Startups zu vermieten. Die Immobilie kann in der kommenden Woche besichtigt werden.


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Scandit launches App for barcode scanning


Scandit, developer of software-based mobile data capture solutions, has released a new scanning application called Keyboard Wedge for Android, iOS and Windows. The Scandit keyboard wedge enables companies in retail, logistics and beyond to add to add enterprise-grade barcode scanning capabilities to any app without software integration effort.


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Un distributeur exclusif pour ROOMZ en Suisse


SETZA SA vient de franchir un cap important. ALSO, le plus grand fournisseur de services de logistique et de services informatiques de Suisse, élargit son portefeuille à la solution «ROOMZ» et devient le distributeur exclusif du fabricant sur le marché suisse. La startup fribourgeoise équipe déjà l'ETH Zurich, IMD à Lausanne et Zühlke Engineering. 


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Loriot rolls out nationwide in Mexico


Zurich based software startup LORIOT and Tangerine Electronics, the Mexican telecommunication service provider have entered into partnership to implement LoRaWAN networks in three major cities in Mexico, based on Semtech’s LoRa devices and wireless RF technology. Tangerine Electronics will host an on-premise LORIOT server in Mexico City to provide citizens...

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Startup Guide planned for Zurich


Zurich is the first Swiss city to join the Startup Guide book collection. Startup Guide is a book for anyone interested in starting up a business or curious about the startup scene of a city. The public is invited to nominate startups and players in the startup scene of Zurich that should be featured. Nomination closes on 4th September.


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UZH Life Sciences Fund invests in first spin-off


The recently launched UZH Life Sciences Fund, which is financed by the UZH Foundation and the Novartis Venture Fund with a total of CHF 20 million, aims to invest in spin-offs to accelerate the transfer of the their research findings into practice. The Fund has made its first investment of one million francs into CUTISS, a startup aiming to bring...

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Event organizers thinking big


More and more tech and start-up events in Switzerland address a international audience. This week the World Innovations Forum and the Crypto Finance Conference were announced. Next weekend the first Drone Days will take place at EPFL. And Mid-September the Digital Festival and the ICO Summit will also attract participants from abroad.


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