Five Swiss startups join F10’s P2 program


F10 welcomes 16 startups that makeup Batch V of the «Prototype to Product» Program. Among them are five startups from Switzerland. During the upcoming six months, the startups will attend tailor-made masterclasses in addition to getting access to F10’s network.


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Circular Economy incubator launches the second edition


The Swiss-wide initiative Circular Economy Transition has opened the call for projects for its second edition of the Circular Economy Incubator. Selected 28 early-stage projects will have the opportunity to benefit from a three-month incubation program from February to May 2020.


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ElictricFeel sets foot in the U.S


This year, ElectricFeel (EF) celebrated its first anniversary as a provider the first intelligent solution for the deployment of shared mobility systems. Having set a strong based in Europe, EF is now expanding its footprint to the US with the new client, Revel.


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An ecosystem for luxury startups


Baselworld teams up with the Luxury Venture Group, tapping into the creative, innovative and entrepreneurial potential of start-ups. The goal is to help shape the future of the luxury space. Baselworld will present numerous innovations and experience areas to serve as an accelerator for startups and provide fresh impulses to the industry.


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A new cohort joins the BaseLaunch accelerator


Fifteen projects, dedicated to developing innovative technologies to change patient outcomes in a variety of therapeutic areas, have joined Phase 1 of the BaseLaunch accelerator. They will benefit from financial and educational support to bring their solutions to the next level.


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The Trip Boutique is on the verge of expanding its travel advisory platform as part of its growth plan. Its new Chief Operating Officer, Juliana Gallo will support this vision. Gallo brings a wealth of experience as former regional manager North America at


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Faster communication and insulation made from waste impress Venture Kick jury


Venture Kick awards FenX and Polariton 150,000 francs in pre-seed funding to support technologies that will accelerate global communications and reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry, two multi-billion-dollar markets.


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Celine Dion enthralls audiences with Swiss-made drone technology


The world’s best-selling artists, Celine Dion will deploy more than 100 drones to fly on stage during her signature song and the best-selling single in history «My heart will go on». The drones and the technology are a product of the Swiss startup Verity Studios.


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Baloise beteiligt sich an Leasing Startup


Die Baloise investiert in das in Zürich ansässige Startup Zudem ermöglicht die Partnerschaft mit der Versicherung dem Startup, ein Full-Service-Leasing zu lancieren, bei dem alle anfallenden Fahrzeugkosten, in der leasinggebühr enthalten sind.


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TREA Ventures beteiligt sich am PropTech Unternehmen Fairwalter


Immobilieneigentümer mit einem Portfoliowert von etwa CHF 800 Millionen nutzen Fairwalter bereits zum Management ihrer Immobilien. Gemeinsame Vision von TREA Ventures und Fairwalter ist die Weiterentwicklung der Plattform zu einem Enabler, der immer mehr Teilprozesse automatisiert erledigt.


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