Zurich-based startup acquires resources to expand its footprint in Asia

Buyogo, a Zurich-based SaaS company offering a data and integration platform to B2B and B2C enterprises, has acquired assets from Singapore-based Ncinga Innovations Pte Ltd and Zilingo’s technology capabilities. This acquisition will be a major step forward in digitising and scaling its product line into manufacturing, sourcing, and sales technologies.

Buyogo is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup focused on digital e-commerce solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMES), helping them improve their service portfolio to thrive in the digital era. The startup provides an all-in-one software that connects existing and new sales channels with ERP, CRM and accounting systems in a unified interface, enabling multichannel commerce combined with embedded finance.

Following its founding in 2020, the startup participated in the F10 program, through which it obtained initial funding –with long-term investors the company obtained 1.5 million in total to support its development. Today, the company has grown to over 20 employees and attracted several active customers in over six countries including Switzerland.

In pursuit of further growth and expansion in the Asian market, Buyogo has acquired Singapore-based digital transformation service provider, Ncinga Innovations Pte Ltd, as a strategic addition to its platform, and assets of Zilingo, a technology company that empowers apparel supply chain players in the fashion, retail and garment industry to produce, source and trade efficiently. Moving forward, the startup will invest in research and development and innovation to enhance sustainability and efficiency for manufacturers, brands and retailers. “Currently we are focused on Sales Cloud and automation but with this acquisition, we will be able to add sourcing and industrial cloud capabilities to our portfolio”, said Anand, CEO of Buyogo.

“The sourcing Cloud and Industry cloud is expected to be a trillion-dollar industry very soon. We see this as a huge opportunity for us. In the last three years, we have seen the challenges the world faced in the supply chain industry and manufacturing areas. We currently have the technology capabilities and resources to tap into this fast-growing space, which is set out to fix some of these problems. We are looking forward to investing in all these areas”, he added.

As part of its strategy, as the startup revealed to Startupticker, it is setting up offices or subsidiaries in South-East Asia including Singapore, India, Bangladesh and other countries to serve its customer base closely.  Buyogo is now well-positioned to serve the new markets.

Details of the transaction remain undisclosed.