Yelloh launches the first video online survey solution

Zurich based startup Yelloh seeks to make qualitative research fast and affordable whilst bringing companies closer to their customers. The startup is offering a solution that allows companies to send surveys to their customers who respond by video. About 100 companies from America, India, England and Switzerland are currently testing the beta version of the solution.

Qualitative research is growing and companies need a quick and easy solution to conduct their market studies and at the same time resonate with millennials who are driven by the current social media trends. Early this month, three founders, Fabian Jason Bollhalder, Roman Max, Hungerbuehler and Luiz Filipe Abrahao founded a startup to provide solutions that make qualitative research, easy, fast and affordable.

They developed Yelloh, a software solutions that facilitates video online surveys with clients at the quality of an in-person interview. The beta version of the software solution was launched last week and is being tested by 100 companies including international companies from America, India, England and Switzerland.

Quick and easy setup
To conduct the study, companies input their open-ended questions into the client admin panel before distributing the link to their respondents, who film their answers directly in their web browser. With a similar approach as the traditional survey methods, the solution allows respondents to participate in the survey at anytime and anyplace.

After the survey been completed, the videos are automatically transcribed and analysed using Artificial Intelligence for both keywords and sentiment to give the researcher a quicker overview of the data to help them extract insights. Most importantly the videos are viewable in the client login, allowing the researchers to view the individual videos of the users and derive insights.

Among other benefits, this research methodology allows companies to connect and understand their customer needs, thanks to the possibility of watching and listening to them as they respond to the questions and give feedback.

Yelloh is currently based in Zurich, at the Swiss Startup Factory where the founders completed the accelerator program. The startup is currently self funded with the ambitions to take on American startups and companies such as Survey Monkey. 

where the founders completed the accelerator program. The startup is currently funded through bootstrapping and seeks looking to take on American startups.


From Left to Right - Filipe Abrahao, Fabian Bollhalder and Roman Hungerbuehler