Xeltis wins Gold Edison Award in medical technology

Xeltis’ RestoreX technology platform won Gold in Edison Awards for the category Testing & Treatment Options, in New York City. Xeltis developed bioabsorbable medical devices to enables the body to restore itself after the implantation.

Xeltis is a Zurich based clinical-stage company developing the first medical devices enabling cardiovascular restoration called Endogenous Tissue Restoration (ETR). ETR is a novel therapeutic approach, enabling the patient's own tissue to restore complex cardiac parts within the body via a medical device. Xeltis’ devices are developed with the RestoreX technology.

RestoreX comprises of bioabsorbable heart valves and blood vessels which enable the patient’s body to naturally restore a new heart valve or blood vessel before being absorbed in the body. Once implanted, the device works as normal heart valves or blood vessels and by pervading the porous device matrix, new tissue forms around and inside the device to develop a new, healthy, functioning heart valve or blood vessel.

In recognition of their revolutionary solution, Xeltis won the Gold Edison Award in the category Testing and treatment options. The Edison Awards is an annual competition honouring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design, and innovation.

“We are honoured that the Edison Award recognized the truly innovative potential of our technology. We are making something that sounded impossible happen: enabling the body to restore its own heart valves and patients to live better lives soon,” Xeltis CEO Laurent Grandidier said.

(Press release)