Xeltis’ closes €10.5 million Series D financing


Xeltis closed a €10.5 million Series D financing round to support its vascular and valve trial programs this week. The funding was provided by existing institutional and private investors, including all venture capital funds (VCs) already financing the company.


“We are very excited about the ongoing support of Xeltis existing investors, following the expansion of our strategy into vascular applications” commented CEO Eliane Schutte. “We are leveraging the positive results from ongoing clinical and preclinical trial programs to bring the development of natural cardiovascular restoration to the next phase” she added. “Xeltis’ technology is radically novel, it is addressing essential unmet vascular and valve clinical needs and it is showing promising results in trials that granted sustained support from current investors” explained Clemens van Blitterswijk, acting Chairman of Xeltis’ Board, renowned professor in tissue regeneration and partner at Dutch VC LSP, which led the Series D round. Xeltis institutional investors include VCs LSP, Kurma Partners, VI Partners and Ysios. Xeltis is a clinical-stage medical device company pioneering a restorative approach in cardiovascular therapy. RestoreX, Xeltis technology platform, is the world’s first polymer-based technology designed to enable natural restoration of cardiovascular function, through a therapeutic approach called Endogenous Tissue Restoration (ETR). Positive outcomes from preclinical trials from Xeltis vascular applications in small diameter vessels have been shared at recent international scientific meetings. Its restorative pulmonary heart valves are currently in clinical trials in EU, Asia and in the USA. Xeltis’ revolutionary technology was first successfully implanted in patients over five years ago, with 28 patients receiving Xeltis devices to date. (Press release / SK)