Workometry disrupts traditional employee surveys

Launched in 2015, Workometry is a software tool that enables companies to collect and understand employee feedback. Lately, the tool has become popular among large companies. Seven organisations from around the world are already using it.

Workometry is a data analysis software specifically designed for the Human Resources managers to better capture and understand employee feedback generated form open-question surveys. Through machine earning, the software gathers employee comments and responses, breaks them at a sentence level, explores the parts of a speech and groups them together to create short meaningful sentences and make sense of the large volumes of data in any language and in real-time. Hence providing predictive analytics that guide managers to where action is needed.

“The tool was built specifically to understand employees. There are key differences between what you want to do to understand employees than to understand customers for example. By focussing on a tightly defined market we are able to ensure that tool meets our clients’ needs effectively”, says Andrew Marritt, CEO and founder of Workometry. Until now, companies have been using traditional research analysis tools, which become more expensive and time consuming and less effective as the number of respondents’ increases. “The ability to use algorithms is a key factor in determining the effectiveness of the survey, particularly for companies with different languages, adds Andrew.

The feedback tool is currently being used by seven enterprises, which have at least 5000 employees or management consultancies, from Europe, the US and Asia. Marritt also reports that 2017 has seen strong client growth from global enterprise clients. Workometry is mainly self-financed and earns revenues from subscriptions and sale of credits for usage.

On March 21, 2017, Workometry’s founder Andrew Marritt – who is also among the five finalists of the DisruptHR award– will present his innovation to the jury at the HR Tech World conference in London. The winner will receive £10,000 of sponsorship package for use at any of the HR Tech World shows in 2017.

Last year Workometry won the ‘Emerging game-changer’ award at People Analytics 2016, the largest HR Analytics conference, held annually in London. This award is designed for young, emerging companies who are disrupting the field of People Analytics.

Pic: Geralt/Pixabay