Women’s Expo Switzerland now in Lausanne

For the first time ever, Women’s Expo Switzerland, an “exhibition for women by women” will be held in Lausanne on the 21st of May at the Hotel Royal Savoy. Over 42 female business owners from Lausanne and surrounding areas will showcase their products and services and share their experiences and meet potential clients.

Women’s Expo Switzerland is a networking event which serves as a platform for businesswomen to showcase their products and services. The exhibition brings together female business owners with their potential clients in one roof to allow for physical interaction, sharing experiences, getting feedback, and to foster business relationships. Moreover, prior to the exhibitions, the team from Womens’ Expo offers business founders training seminars to equip them with skills necessary for running successful business.

Women's Expo Switzerland has been running in Zurich since 2013. To date, over 665 female business owners have showcased their products, 7,200 women exhibitors have participated in the exhibition and 850 female have attended the seminars. Following this success, Women’s Expo Switzerland is now expanding to Lausanne.

For the first time, women in the French speaking part of Switzerland will be welcomed to the platform. They will connect with like-minded women, discover and find new products and services for their professional and personal needs, acquire new knowledge, expand their network and whilst being inspired by the stories of all these women who are currently their own bosses.

“We believe the best people to promote a business are the business owners themselves. They know what they do best and how they can best serve their clients and customers. They know their “why” and this is what makes them unique and what their ultimate differentiator is. For potential clients and customers, these stories correspond to a reality and make a significant difference in their decision to buy something. Each purchase is an emotional decision so when our visitors meet with our exhibitors, that emotional connection is made instantly,” Says Lisa Chuma founder of Women’s Expo Switzerland.

Inspired by her life experiences, Chuma, is dedicated to helping female business owners succeed with their businesses.

“I know what it feels like to start a business, wish for it to succeed and struggle to find clients” says Lisa Chuma. I have been there – my first business failed which left me extremely depressed. I then vowed I would ensure that no woman with a business should close down for lack of clients. Hence the creation of Women’s Expo Switzerland” says Chuma.