WolfPak attracts first customers for AI-based leadership training

One week following the launch of its platform, WolfPak has already attracted 10 customers and 300 users seeking to fast track their leadership development. The AI-powered companion uses a scientific analysis of leadership skills, based on the Inner Development Goals Framework, to personalize leadership training and customizes it for companies.

With the fast-paced evolution of work environments, leaders face new challenges daily and need quick, reliable advice. WolfPak.ai, founded in 2023 by Swiss entrepreneurs Diana Engetschwiler (former Co-CEO digitalswitzerland) and Katia Murmann (former Management Team Blick-Group, Ringier Global Media), aims to bridge the gap between leadership needs and available resources, thereby reduce high turnover, unhappy employees, and decreased productivity.

The startup has launched an AI-powered B2B platform ‘WolfPak.ai’ to serve as a personal leadership companion for future leaders, providing them with the tools to make tough decisions and navigate complex team dynamics effectively. Accessible through a mobile app based on generative AI, the platform measures individual skills using the scientific “Inner Development Goals Framework” (IDG), which comprises skills such as Being, Thinking, Acting, Collaborating, Communicating, and Relating, to provide users with a personalized learning path and an AI coach that was trained using content from curated, high quality selected resources such as podcasts, TED Talks, and a mix of scientific and practical articles from the world's best experts in leadership development.

"The world needs better leaders to solve today's large-scale problems," says Katia Murmann, Co-Founder of WolfPak.ai. "Our mission is to make leadership learnable for the next generation," adds Diana Engetschwiler. The startup conducted in-depth interviews with over 100 emerging leaders, exploring the key challenges they face in their roles. According to the results, leaders share the same challenges, around 25 topics, such as prioritization, motivating teams, navigating difficult conversations, and providing effective feedback. WolfPak has strategically mapped them to the dimensions of the Inner Development Goals Framework.

The platform has now been launched, with 10 customers across various international markets, including Switzerland, the UK and Malaysia onboarded. Companies such as GuestReady and the Swiss Handball Association are among their customers. With over 300 users attracted in one week following the go-live, WolfPak plans to further collaborate with its clients to enhance the product and reach 1000 registered leaders.

In line with the launch, WolfPak joined forces with One Young World Switzerland to showcase its product at the One Young World National Congress in Zurich to over 170 young leaders.

(Press release/RAN)
Image: Diana Engetschwiler (l) and Katia Murmann (r)