Wingtra launches WingtraOne

The spin-off from the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Zurich Wingtra has successfully completed its beta program, and the company is now launching the finalised product «WingtraOne».The products is now available in Europe.

Since its establishment in the Canton of Zug, Wingtra has been specialising in providing solutions that allow users to collect information using aerial robots. The startup developed a hybrid drone called «WingtraOne», which was launched early this week.

WingtraOne is a convertible aerial robot that takes off and lands like a helicopter, but flies like a plane. It is as agile as multicopters and has the superior flight capability of a fixed-wing aircraft regarding range and speed. WingtraOne allows users to collect data in a more simplified manner leading to improvement in wildlife and agriculture.

The WingtraOne can carry a payload of 0.5kg over 60km and is made to become a standard tool to collect images from above. In agriculture, this data is used to make specific maps in order to predict yields and diseases. Thanks to the data analysis, farmers are able to reduce fertilizer usage by 30% and increase their harvest. In mining, precise spatial maps of mines can be made within hours instead of days, without workers being at risk.

Linear infrastructure like gas or oil pipelines can be monitored more frequently and at a lower cost to decrease the risk of leaks and environmental pollution. WingtraOne can also hover in mid-flight for closer inspection. To ensure a safe and precise mission ending, the robot recognizes an optical tag and lands automatically. Hence, no pilot is needed.

The WingtraOne is currently available in Europe and will be available in China from May 2017. The Wingtra team will also visit the US in April to meet with our future distribution partners.

Pic: Wingtra homepage