Wind industry expert joins Skypull as CEO


Mona Nicola, Skypull’s co-founder, handed over the driver’s seat to Reinout Oussoren who joins Skypull from Northern Power Systems (NPS), a wind energy company based in the US and Zurich. In his new role as CEO at Skypull, he will help bring the company to the next level by supporting it in closing an equity investment round, growing the team and the company.



Established in 2013, Skypull aims to provide affordable and clean energy for everyone. To achieve this objective, the startup developed a wind power system based on a fully-autonomous drone that captures the energy from the strong, abundant and constant altitude winds through a ground-based generator.  With 95% less material than wind turbines but double their production capacity, the drone produces renewable energy at the lowest cost.

Over the past nine months, as revealed by Nicola Mona, the company has been enhancing the technology by optimising the airframe to achieve a highly efficient and resilient structure, capable of vertical take-off and landing in any meteorological situation, especially without wind or in strong winds. Thanks to their devotion, the team has managed to bring its flight control software a level of advanced autonomous flight.

New CEO joins Skypull
The company has also strengthened its management team by appointing Reinout Oussoren as the new CEO. Reinout brings over 25 years of commercial and operational leadership experience from a variety of international operations, most recently and ongoing as CEO of Northern Power Systems (NPS), a leading provider of small and medium wind turbines for distributed power generation. Prior to NPS, Oussoren worked at GE Energy after his company (SF Air Filtration) was acquired by BHA Group in 1994 and later on by GE Energy.

Oussoren will replace Nicola Mona, Co-Founder at Skypull, who will continue in the role of Chief Compliance Officer and Chairman of the Board. “It is an honour to pass on the leadership to Reinout. He has the experience and determination to get Skypull to the next level. I am eager to support the team both strategically as well as ensuring regulatory compliance”, affirms Nicola.

“Skypull is among the most exciting companies that I have seen in the renewable energy space. They have the potential to become a big player in this segment of the renewable industry. Its products will suit both on- and off-grid applications competing with conventional renewable and traditional forms of power generation. I am extremely excited to see what we will accomplish in the coming months, hope to be able to announce an equity investment in the coming weeks, allowing us to further expand our team and accelerate technology and product development”, affirms Reinout.

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