WeSpace to expand to Basel and Germany


WeSpace opened the first women focused co-working space in Switzerland a year ago in the heart of Zurich in the Bahnhofstrasse. The team will open three additional workspaces in Basel, Hamburg and Munich in 2020.


Women account for less than a quarter (24%) of senior roles globally. WeSpace has been started out of the belief that women professionals need more opportunities to build strong networks and communities to flourish in leadership positions and pull each other up. Additionally, existing collaborative workspaces do not match women's needs. There is a lack of online and physical platforms that are specifically tailored to working women. Therefore, WeSpace is on a mission to provide a space-based community to facilitate the leadership journey of more women across a variety of sectors within corporations, institutions, and entrepreneurial ventures. After a year of establishing WeSpace as a physical and digital platform for women professionals in Zurich, the company is ready to grow and expand the community by opening three new collaborative workspaces in Basel (CH), Hamburg (DE) and Munich (DE) in 2020. “Our vision is to create a vibrant community of influential women across major European cities who support each other in their professional journey” writes the team in a blog post. (Press release)