WealthArc on the growth course


In only four years, the Zurich based startup has grown to become the leading provider of SaaS solutions for financial data analysis and client interaction with over $1mn of recurring revenues. The company is active worldwide and employs 40 employees.


Founded in 2015 by a team of four finance experts, WealthArc developed an all-in-one cloud-based platform for financial data analysis and client interaction to wealth managers and private banks. WealthArc’s solution leverages data analytics and artificial intelligence to offer asset managers a platform that fosters quick customization of portfolio analytics, allowing them to efficiently address their clients’ needs. To date, WealthArc together with its team of 40 employees has built 40 APIs and services a portfolio of more than 20 customers which comprises private banks, external asset managers and family offices from Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Singapore and the recently acquired first customer in London and Dubai – which are multi-family offices with client accounts at Swiss and international banks. According to the Krzysztof Gogol, Founder and CEO of WeakthArc, the team is ambitious to reach more customers in the coming stages. While the company’s databank continues to grow, WealthArc has also seen an upward growth of its revenues. From 0 revenues in 2015, the startup has today generated more than $1 million from recurring revenues from the software subscription. Additionally, the company has so far raised $3 million from family offices and business angels, mainly from the SICTIC investor club. Big plans for the four-year-old company According to Kryzstof, WealthArc's major plan is to scale. “Our vision to become the leader in wealth management technology by leveraging innovation. Since our establishment, we decided that any services that WealthArc offers to its customers will be fully automated. Although the degree of complexity of financial data integration high, particularly to achieve full automatization, we are committed to making this happen.”(RAN)