We Are Play Lab promotes 21 century social and emotional learning

A new global community of parents, teachers, educators and enthusiasts is coming together to demystify the 21 century learning and nurturing system. Inspired by the desire to promote a better future for the children, Zurich based We Are Play Lab has been launched to help children discover and define success on their terms.

“What if we could design 21st century learning to best support our kids fulfil their potential? What if we could use science, design thinking and technology to empower parents and educators around the world with actionable insights and everyday tool they need to raise lifelong learners and creative thinkers thriving in our fast-changing world?" Cristina Riesen, Founder of We Are Play Lab, poses these questions as a foundation for her company We Are Play Lab.

This week, Cristina and her team launched We Are Play Lab, an online platform empowering parents and educators, researchers, industry leaders, and policymakers with actionable ways to foster critical 21st century skills in today’s young people. The startup is focusing on the development of character qualities and competencies through the provision of insightful research and best practices on the topics that promote social and emotional learning.

The startup’s action plan is built around three core components:

  • Actionable Content: scouting the world for leading research and best practices around 21st century skills, particularly in the area of social and emotional learning through pro-actively reaching out to researchers and conducting quality interviews. The platform is also open to anyone who wants to share insights and must have knowledge with the community. Submitted information is evaluated by the startup’s team to determine its added value before it is shared on the platform under knowledge base, and on their social media channels. There is already information available in the startup’s Knowledge base section.
  • Edtech Tools:using the knowledge from their research, design thinking and technology to build empowerment tools that are easily accessible to parents and educators, allowing them to adopt or advance their mastery of 21st century skills.
  • Community Dialogue: together with its global community of parents and educators, researchers, industry leaders, and policymakers of different backgrounds and cultures, the startup is building a global network that will co-create change in 21st century learning and education.

“We believe that we can transform 21st century learning by providing parents and teachers with actionable ways to foster essential social and emotional skills in our children”, says Riesen. "By working together and learning from one another, we can create a future we can be proud of. We are the role models for our children and the time is now”, she adds.

The 21 century knowledge-transfer platform allows parents and educators to support their kids to develop a growth mind-set, without worrying about them living a meaningful life in the future. Cristina Riesen, believes that by working together and learning from one another, individuals ready to make change can create a future they are proud of.

Pic: Sewerin/Pixabay