VR startup Weavr acquired by Bitforge


Bitforge, the developer of in-house software for mobile devices has acquired Weavr, a Zurich based startup that developed a platform for curating VR stories based on user’s photos and videos. With the acquisition, Bitforge is now addressing the mass market.


Weavr’s startup journey started in 2016. Miguel Rodriguez, the founder of Weavr and his team comprising of engineers, designers and copywriters developed a platform where individuals and companies can create virtual-reality-based stories based on their own photos and videos available on their social media channels. Weavr uses machine-learning algorithms to caption image contents and suggest similar content to expand user experience. Available for HTC Vive, Samsung gear and Oculus Rift, the solution is applicable in the fields of real estate, travel, business, events and shops.

During its early stages, the startup joined the Swiss startup Factory (SSUF) after which it launched its initial product. Among its first customers was the Goldbach group, which used Weavr solutions in its VR room at their headquarters. The company later deployed the VR experiences for the cities St.Gallen and Basel. “Pro Innerstadt Basel asked us to present their city with our technologies at Muba 2018,” said Rodriguez. Other customers including Engel & Volkers in Zug and the Institut International from Lancy.

As of May 2018, Weavr became part of Bitforge following the acquisition of Weavr’s operations. Bitforge, a Swiss pioneer in VR and AR, acted until now as a service provider developing exclusively in-house software for any mobile device. With the acquisition, Bitforge adds a second pillar to its business model. “Weavr’s technology is very interesting and the platform allows us to address the mass market”, explains Robin Waibel, COO and Partner at Bitforge.

“Bitforge is the best partnership that we could have wished for. They are active and well known in the AR/VR area, and our technology enhances their product line. Being part of a larger organization with a strong sales force and customer base will ensure that our technologies will be adopted in many more projects than if we had stayed stand-alone. Plus the team of Bitforge is a cool group of hardworking engineers with whom we have always had a great relationship.”

“As a founder it is a privilege to see that what we worked to create is now in good hands. It is also a recognition of our work and vision. I will be working part time at Bitforge for specific projects, while focusing on my own consulting company Big Bear Engineering”, concluded Rodriguez.

(RAN / SK)