Versics wins CHF 150,000 to advance data traffic of the future

Venture Kick winner Versics develops modular fiber-optic components that enable communication providers to increase their network bandwidth and reduce the overall energy consumption and operational costs. The Zurich-based startup will use the CHF 150,000 to accelerate its market entry.

The exchange of data in the human-machine and the machine-machine channels currently consumes around 9% of global energy, with an impactful 20%-30% annual growth. In addition, the deployment of data centers, Earth- and space-based communication networks, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is rising, and their future energy footprint will significantly contribute to the global climate crisis.

Versics develops, manufactures, and markets plug-and-play fiber-optic modulators for the next generation of high-speed fiber-optic networks. The start-up targets four areas with its technology: data centers, long-haul communications, test and measurement, and harsh environments such as outer space. In 2024, these four markets are expected to amount to a total of CHF 8.2 billion.

Apart from the bandwidth-energy enhancement, the advantages of using Versics’ products are the simplification of the hardware architecture and the reduction in the overall network’s operational expenditures. The innovative optical communication devices combine plug-and-play interfaces such as optical fibres and high-speed electrical interconnects with photonic integrated circuits of lithium niobate-on-insulator (LNOI). Versics combines the best of two key communications technologies: pure electro-optic modulation from traditional lithium niobate devices and highly scalable fabrication runs from silicon photonics. The innovative communication devices break the current speed limit in communication links and are plug-and-play.

The Zurich-based startup plans to accelerate its market entry by certifying the product under regulated standards and building strategic partnerships to deploy the products. “The Venture Kick program sharpened our commercial strategy and supported the business development of Versics. It was a perfect complement to our R&D funding sources,” said Dr. Marc Reig-Escalé, CEO of Versics (Photo above).

(Press release / SK)