Ventures for the Virtual Venture Day revealed

The upcoming virtual venture day will be live-streamed on 27 November with 12 start-ups presenting their businesses in three verticals: Autonomous systems, sustainable tech and health tech.

Organised by Startup INVEST, the Venture Day offers investors, business angels and corporate representatives a platform to connect with early and later-stage start-ups with deep tech solutions. The upcoming event will host around 200 guests virtually, and it will be live-streamed from the Boston Consulting Group headquarters in Zurich.

Alongside keynotes, 1:1 meetings and breakout sessions, the highlights of the event is the pitching session. Twelve start-ups will present their solutions to the audience to attract potential investors, customers or partners.

These are the selected start-ups in their corresponding verticals.

Autonomous systems

MicroR Systems - developed lasers with ultra-pure colours for precision measurement, timekeeping, and long-distance telecommunication for a range of applications and industries. - uses artificial intelligence to provide an automated investment funnel to improve deal flow whilst increasing efficiency.

Sustainable tech

CompPair - developed a healable- and sustainable composite material solutions to improve circularity in the aerospace, automotive, windmill and sport industries.

Green-Y – Is building a storage system that stores electricity and creates renewable heat and cold, all in one decentralised device. The solution gurantees higher profitability and sustainability for users.

Exnaton - built a software platform for data-based business models for energy providers, and an application for households, photovoltaic owners, and small businesses to facilitate the trading of locally produced electricity among neighbours


Adiposs – is developing a revolutionary medical imaging product capable of detecting cachexia, a syndrome affecting cancer patients resulting in involuntary weight loss, muscle atrophy, fatigue, weakness and loss of appetite.

Calciscon – addresses Calcification Propensity diagnostics with its T50 Calcification Propensity test. T50 is the first IVD test to functionally assess the tendency to calcify, revealing critical, previously unavailable information about CV risks to improve the therapy of patients.

Cellntec – uses advanced insights into the biology of epithelial cells to develop precision epithelial culture media plus 2D and 3D in vitro models.

Lumendo – the EPFL and ETH spinoff is developing easy-to-apply, novel photoactive materials for medical applications. Its technology allows for building up implants inside the body using an access channel of less than half a millimetre in diameter

Nala – provides an AI- and app-based digital therapy for people with eczema and other chronic skin conditions.

Oncobit – is developing highly sensitive diagnostic and monitoring test, to find the best patient-tailored cancer treatment.

Zoundream – the company’s product “BabyT”, is the world’s first portable device that uses deep learning and sound recognition to translate newborns’ cry sound into babies actual needs.