Venturelab and digitalswitzerland present top 13 startups to international investors



Before the TOP 100 Swiss startups of the year were awarded, thirteen selected deep tech startups had the opportunity to pitch in front of 110 international investors at the TOP 100 Swiss Investor Summit. The event was co-organized by Venturelab and digitalswitzerland.



It is nice to be recognized as one of the most promising Swiss startups of the year, however, the funding needed to succeed internationally is not complimentary. This is why Venturelab and digitalswitzerland organized the TOP 100 Swiss Investor Summit, where thirteen selected deep tech startups in the verticals health and technology had the chance to pitch in front of 110 international investors from China, Silicon Valley, United Kingdom, France and Germany, followed up by 1-on-1 meetings and networking. 

«The interest of so many investors reflects the impressive quality of Swiss startups», says Stefan Steiner, Co-Managing Director of Venturelab. Jean-Baptiste Dumont, from Paris-based Serena Capital – one of the VCs that invested $11M in BestMile in March – reinforced this statement and praised the Swiss startup ecosystem for its many advanced companies with interesting and innovative technologies.

The thirteen startups who pitched at the TOP 100 Swiss Investor Summit were:

Adello’s media-buying platform is driven by a patented big data analysis for mobile advertising. The intelligent real-time targeting strategies are updated 100,000 times a second, self-optimizing for maximum marketing impact, and have already convinced large agency networks.

Cellestia Biotech’s targeted cancer therapy is a small molecule that inhibits the NOTCH signaling pathway –a key factor in certain cancers and in resistance to standard treatments.

Dotphoton is an image compression solution for professional applications. It makes RAW images up to 10 times smaller without compromising quality, saving a corresponding amount of time and money and enabling the next generation of high-quality imaging solutions.

Gamaya’s hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence are harnessed to improve the efficiency and sustainability of farming businesses through decision support and automation services.

InterAx Biotech, an ETHZ spinoff, has built a unique discovery platform for identification of superior drug candidates for the largest class of drug targets, which will dramatically reduce costs for the development of novel GPCR drugs with reduced side effects.

Nanolive has developed a disruptive proprietary technology, making it possible for the very first time to explore a living cell in 3D without damaging it instantly.

Mirrakoi provides an augmented CAD software that simulates real-world physical contact during the 3D digital modeling process.

RealLook’s (Selfnation) online 3D visualization technologies and highly automated production processes combine to offer customers perfectly fitted jeans, made with high-quality materials to their exact specifications, through a simple online order.

RetinAI’s tools to collect, analyze and organize health data using machine learning promote efficient, accurate early screening and monitoring of eye diseases, save time and support healthcare professionals to prevent vision loss in their patients.

SamanTree Medical’s innovative device to acquire tissue images during surgical cancer interventions has the potential to greatly reduce the recurrence of tumors and repeat operations. That means higher patient quality of life, and a better chance of a complete cure.

Topadur Pharma provides specialized drugs for the treatment of severe wound healing in diabetic patients.

Versantis is a pharmaceutical company revolutionizing the care of liver disease patients with a new generation of medicines and diagnostics.

Winterthur Instruments’ CoatMaster measures coating thicknesses without contact for all types of coating and substrate materials, facilitating full automation of industrial processes, reducing waste and saving energy and costs.


(Picture: TOP 100 Swiss Investor Summit)