Venture Kick awards renewable chemicals startup

Zurich-based Biosimo is a chemical engineering startup developing and operating processes for producing bio-based bulk chemicals. After winning the Venture Kick program, the startup received CHF 150,000 to scale up the pilot production of bio acetic acid and the delivery of requested volumes to customers.

Bulk chemicals are derived from fossils through energy-intensive and toxic processes and are the foundation of all synthetic products such as plastics, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Biosimo has designed an innovative approach that utilizes bioethanol, producing bio acetic acid and its derivatives for the global acetic acid market that is estimated at CHF 13 billion with a 6.2% annual growth rate.

The solution provides their customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and material industries with a direct replacement of their fossil-based resources. With Biosimo’s bio-based chemicals, everyday products, like textiles, glues, cosmetics, and medicine, can become greener without changing properties, supply chain and market prices.

In the coming year, the startup plans to prove the scalability of the process and bring the first tons of bio acetic acid to market in 2023. In parallel, the team is exploring the production of acetic acid derivatives, such as ethyl acetate and cellulose acetate, both 100% bio-based chemicals.

The financial support from Venture Kick will go towards preparing for the pilot phase and building the right team for the pilot phase design, construction, and operation. The pilot phase is the first scale-up which will de-risk Biosimo’s technology and provide enough product to secure the first revenues, customers, and investments for the commercial production.

Biosimo was incorporated in May 2022 by co-founders Sotiria Mostrou (Chief Executive Office) and Maximilian Moser (Chief Technology Officer).

(Press release/RAN)
Photo: Sotiria Mostrou and Maximilian Moser