Venture Kick awards Rematter CHF 150’000

Zurich-based startup Rematter addresses the excessive usage of unsustainable concrete in the construction industry by offering sustainable and cost-effective floor slabs made of earth and timber. The CHF 150,000 from Venture Kick will enable the team to further automate the robotic production of their sustainable and high-performing concrete-alternative. 

The construction industry, which consumes 50% of global resources and is responsible for 37% of CO2 emissions, relies heavily on unsustainable concrete. Particularly floors, comprising up to 65% of structural mass, are major sources of environmental pollution.  Following the motto of «Natural materials. High performance», Rematter developed fully scalable, affordable and high-performing earth-timber-floor slabs, to address this challenge. These sustainable and cost-effective floor slabs are constructed from a frame of solid timber beams with rammed earth infills. The unique combination of natural materials results in a high-performing floor slab system that blends the positive characteristics of both timber and concrete alternatives. The production of this floor alternative requires 80% less carbon and 60% less energy than comparable concrete floor slabs. 

Rematter caters to the residential market but also office- and school buildings, offering free-of-charge structural engineering support to developers, architects, and engineers, who want to comply with sustainable building regulations, without compromising on the performance and price of traditional concrete floors. The residential market alone in selected European countries is worth CHF 33 billion annually. Collaborations with renowned architects and many project enquiries underline the strong market interest in Rematter floor slabs. 

The startup, founded in 2022, will invest the awarded CHF 150,000 to further automate the robotic production of the Rematter earth-timber floor slabs.  Founders and board members include Götz Hilber (CEO), Tobias Bonwetsch (CTO), and Nico Ros (member of the board). Götz Hilber emphasizes his enthusiasm: “I like Venture Kick’s approach that focuses on traction rather than previously defined milestones. This way we could iteratively throw our full body weights at the most relevant challenges at hand.” 

(press release / SR)