Venture Kick awards askEarth CHF 150,000

Addressing a longstanding issue in geospatial data accessibility, skEarth has devised an innovative solution to revolutionize how individuals and businesses tap into the wealth of information hidden within satellite imagery. The CHF 150,000 from Venture Kick will enable the startup build its geospatial data search engine.

Obtaining insights from satellite images such as environmental monitoring is a complex process, limited to the expertise of data scientists with specialized skills. Founded as a spinoff from the university of Zurich (UZH), ETH, and EPFL, askEarth has developed a user-friendly answer engine designed to democratize access to geospatial intelligence. By employing Large Language Models, the Zurich-based provides users with real-time and accurate geospatial information without the need for advanced data science skills.

As the geospatial intelligence market continues to thrive – with an estimated value of USD 75 billion – askEarth's approach serves as a vehicle for individuals and businesses to effortlessly tap into daily satellite imagery, embodying a significant detachment from conventional practices.

The CHF 150,000 from Venture Kick will be strategically invested to strengthen the team capacity and address the needs of 25 large corporates that have already expressed interest in integrating askEarth's solution into their operations.

The team behind askEarth includes the Co-Founders Gaetan Petit, CSO, Manuel Gerold, COO, Simon Gruening, CTO, and David Berger, Chief Data Officer. “The funding and strategic coaching from Venture Kick has been key in refining askEarth business model and accelerating the onboarding of our first pilot projects,” commented Gaetan Petit, Chief Strategic Officer of askEarth.

(Press release/RAN)

askEarth’s team: Gaetan Petit, Nina Walker, Manuel Gerold, Simon Gruening, and David Berger