>>Venture>> finalists to contest for a cash prize of CHF 350000


The top 30 finalists of the newly redesigned >>venture>> competition have been revealed. Focusing on three categories Hardware, Health & Nutrition and Software & Services, the competition offers a cash prize of CHF 350’000.


The annual>>Venture>> competition offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to transform their ideas into successful businesses. Since its establishment the competition has enabled its alumni to establish over 700 companies, creating over 7,000 jobs. Since January 2019, the venture competition took a new format to focus on startups that are developing solutions in three verticals namely; Hardware, Health & Nutrition and Software & Services. The new format also comes with a larger cash prize offering CHF 350000 in total. The winning team will receive the grand prize of CHF 150000 a business consulting package from McKinsey & Company. The finalists will also benefit from Venture’s broad network to help them jump-start their businesses as well as increase their visibility. The selection committee comprising of industry experts has nominated 30 most promising ideas out of 250 entries to compete in the next round of the competition.         The finalists of each category include: Hardware EH Group Engineering – a leading global supplier of fuel cell (FC) stacks and systems for a cleaner environment. DePoly – developed a novel technology allowing for the chemical recycling of PET plastic back to its main two components Rigi Technologies – developed technology that enables drone delivery to integrate any existing supply chain hiLyte – offers a consumable based iron battery that generates enough power to light a LED and charge a phone Dronistics – develops AI-powered flying drone delivery solution enabling SMBs to e-commerce giants to integrate instant, autonomous on-demand drone delivery into their offering EnergON – a disruptive energy storage solution to mobile phone manufacturers which allows charging devices in seconds, extend battery life and use environmentally friendly materials. Voliro – develops the next generation of autonomous flying robots, an aerial platform with the unique capability to approach, touch, and interact with the environment. Hexagonfab biosensors – designing, developing and commercializing nanomaterial-based biosensors for medical diagnostics and life science analysis that require high-sensitive, rapid and real-time protein testing ELDICO Scientific – Development, production and sales of novel electron diffractometers for research and development (R&D) and quality control in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, chemical and nano industries as well as for applications in scientific research Bloom biorenewables – developed a ground-breaking solution for the production of sustainable and cost-competitive bio-based materials for the chemical industry.   Health & Nutrition Planted – makes delicious, healthy and nutritious ‘meat’ directly from plants. Synendos Therapeutics – safe and effective therapies for neuropsychiatric disorders through modulation of a new drug target in the endocannabinoid system that enables restoration of the natural functioning of neuronal/glial circuits in the brain EraCal Therapeutics – a novel anti-obesity drug Era-107 with superior efficacy and safety compared to the standard of care (lorcaserin). Sleepiz AG – developed a multidimensional sleep monitoring solution measuring vital signs in a non-contact and medical grade manner to diagnose sleep disorders at home. TOLREMO therapeutics – developed add-on therapies that can be combined with cancer drugs at the beginning of therapy to boost its long-term efficacy. Microcaps AG – designs precise microencapsulation at industrial scale. Haya Therapeutics SA – developed a proprietary anti-fibrotic therapy for myocardial fibrosis and heart failure by targeting a master regulator of fibrosis in the heart. Emuna – is developing new solutions as a promising target for the prevention of corneal graft rejection Annaida Technologies – Give people the technology to measure what is today inaccessible. Our technology, based on magnetic resonance, can be used to detect and quantify chemical compounds in living microscopic entities. RetinAI Medical AG – RetinAI develops tools to make eye hospitals more efficient using AI.   Software & Services Teserakt AG – offers end-to-end encryption to IoT and machine-to-machine networks decentriq – Machine learning model training on confidential datasets without compromising user privacy. Musa – is a 3D game that can be played through a real musical instrument. Legartis Technology AG – offer SaaS-solution to enable companies to identify, classify and understand contracts within seconds. Oxygen at Work – Oxygen at Work improves the air quality in indoor environments combining the best from nature and modern technology. kaiosID – is a cloud-based traceability solution. It allows brands to fight the increasing threats of counterfeiting and illicit trade. GeoCTRL – develops technology to measure the audience of real-world businesses to enable outstanding service. vestr AG – White-labeled business-to-business software services to the financial industry. The company has built a platform for the creation and lifecycle management of actively managed certificates, a flexible and cost-effective alternative to investment funds. OMNE –makes watching internet content as effortless as watching TV. Our AI technology finds and shows you the right content at the right time. Megaverse SARL –is a cloud-based cybersecurity training platform whose objective is to reduce human vulnerability in the face of cyberattacks. Two more pitches to the prizeIn the next stages, the 30 finalists will receive pitch training from investors and communications experts in preparation for their live pitch in June. "We’re really looking forward to the next round because this is where we can start to work together with the startups and help drive their business forward", said Lea Firmin, CEO of >>venture>>.Following the live pitches, the jury will nominate top 3 winners per vertical that to join the final pitch in front of the Advisory Board on 1st July. Out of nine finalists, three winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each vertical will take home a prize of CHF 50k, 20K and 10K respectively. The first place winners in each vertical will have a further opportunity to pitch one final time for a chance to win an additional CHF 100’000. The winner will be announced at the >>venture>> Award Ceremony.(RAN)