>>venture>> finalists determined


The jury of the >>venture>> competition has selected the best 25 business plans and business ideas. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony on 19 June.


On 19 June the winners of the venture competition will be announced at the award ceremony which will be joined by Federal Councillor Johann Schneider Ammann. The winning teams will receive prize money for a total of CHF 170’000. Prior to the ceremony, finalists of the Business Plan competition will pitch their projects to an exclusive group of investors at a closed event.

The Top 25 Business Plans are:

Advertima (ICT, Artificial Intelligence) – combines machine learning, computer vision and big data to generate a positive and perfect customer experience.

Apiax (ICT, Fintech) bridges the gap between compliance and IT with their innovative way of transforming regulations into digital compliance rules

Astrocast (ICT, Space) aims to build a network of nanosatellites providing global machine to machine services (M2M) to global businesses at the lowest industry cost.

Cellphmed (Medtech, personalised medicine) is a bioinformatic platform enabling the discovery and early development of novel diagnostic biomarkers and immunotherapy targets to better treat cancer.

Certus (Biotech, Diagnostics) develops a highly reliable method for the on-site detection of pathogens such as herpes or influenza viruses within only 30 minutes.

Dicronis (Medtech, Diagnostics) develops diagnostics based on microneedles technology, initially targeting cancer survivors at risk for secondary lymphedema.

Elthera (Biotech, Pharma) develops antibodies against a novel target whose expression is strongly correlated with an aggressive tumor in various types of cancer.

ExoSuisse (Medtech, Robotics) is active in the field of textile-powered mobility for handicapped people.

Haelixa (Microtechnology) develops DNA-based tracers for next level industrial tracing.

IbtiCare (Biotech, Nanotechnology) commercialises a unique antibacterial technology based on Physical Vapor Deposition. The first product will be an antibacterial wound dressing.

Lumigbo (Medtech) develops a technology to build up implants inside the body using an access channel of less than half a millimetre in diameter.

Mirraccle (ICT)

Nagi Bioscience develops the first Organism-on-Chip technology, which combines the use of a simple yet complete organism for in vivo testing – the tiny worm “Caenorhabditis elegans” – with the first technological platform for its fully automated in vitro handling, culture and analysis.

Nextep (Medtech) is working to provide the ortho-prosthetic world with new integrated hardware and software for the production of prosthetic limb components.

Optimo Medical AG (Medtech) developed “Optimeyes” technology to make surgical procedures on the human cornea safer and more precise.

The product of Rainbow Biosystem is a fast, portable and easy-to-use fish cell impedance-based biosensing system for detecting water toxicity.

RetinAI (Medtech, diagnostics) uses the latest machine learning techniques and medical image processing for the early detection and screening of the eye and neurodegenerative diseases.

SKYPULL (Cleantech, wind energy) develops a flying lightweight and compact wind-based electricity generation system for more renewable power.

Sonect (ICT, Fintech) offers a platform which allows anyone to withdraw cash from any neighbourhood store, restaurant or delivery service by using a smartphone.

SOS Nachhilfe (Interdisciplinary, Service) helps students to learn quickly and offers independent tuition for any desired subject within a few hours.

Still Active (ICT, Internet) is an online concierge, featuring tailored activities and services. The start-up aims to help Baby Boomers and Best Agers to stay active, with an easy-to-use booking platform. Tastier (ICT, Fintech) has developed an app that makes payments in restaurants/bars easier and faster than cash or card.

Vibwife (Medtech) designs a mattress-system that actively mobilizes and supports women during natural birth.

Vigilitech (Medtech, animal health) pursues the vision of a new embedded hard- and software product with improved performance and flexibility that allows easy to use animal monitoring.

Yamo (Interdisciplinary, Food) offers truly fresh, all natural, all organic and Swiss made food for babies.


The Top 25 Business Ideas are:

3D scanner


DispenCell (Medtech)

Eigersecurity (Interdisciplinary)

Kitro (ICT)

Komp-ACT (Microtechnology)

LuckaBox (ICT)


Olive Harvesting Robot


Project Rosie (ICT)


Reflectus (Medtech)


Rowcus (ICT)

Scailyte (ICT / Medtech)

Sketch-iD (ICT)

Smart Windscreen 


Struckd (ICT)

Swissloop (Interdisciplinary)


TWIICE (Medtech)

U-SERS (Medtech)