>>venture>> Audience Award voting now open


Three start-ups have been selected for the >>venture>> public voting. The team with the most votes will be announced at the >>venture>> Award and will be presented with CHF 10,000. 


The >>venture>> award ceremony is drawing near. After the disclosure of the nine winners, the organisers have now announced the three start-ups which compete for the audience award. They have been chosen out of the 30 finalists based on the appeal/impact of their products on our everyday lives. The three start-ups include: Planted creates meat substitutes with pea protein, pea fiber, sunflower oil and water. The products stand out with its texture which makes them almost indistinguishable from chicken. Planted’s products are gluten- and soy-free, low cholesterol, while being rich in healthy plant proteins and dietary fibers. In addition, Planted’s approach use less water, less land, less energy, emit less greenhouse gases, and do not contribute to pollution caused by animal-agriculture such as air and water pollution from methane or ammonia. EnergON develops the next generation of batteries. Today, Lithium-Ion batteries can be charged only slowly, and the extraction, the processing and the disposal of Lithium has a negative environmental impact. EnergON develops the next generation of batteries using a technology based on carbon nanotubes supercapacitors. This will allow to achieve high energy density and ultrafast charging batteries that last a lifetime. OMNE’s mission is to eliminate the overwhelming complexity of the internet by creating personalized sequences of high-quality content that is as effortless to watch as TV. The solution combines all kinds of content from entertainment to news. The machine learning algorithm learns what the user wants to see and at what time of the day he or she wants to see it. The voting is now open. Every person who votes for a start-up automatically enters a raffle for a travel voucher worth CHF 2,000. The team with the most votes will be announced at the >>venture>> Award Ceremony on July 1, 2019 at ETH Zurich as the winner of the >>venture>> Audience Award and will be presented with CHF 10,000. (Press release / SK)Picture: Fotolia / Biker3