>>venture>> announces nine winners


The winners of the three verticals Software and Services, Health and Nutrition and Hardware have been announced today. The Advisory Board will decide which of these companies are ranked first, second and third in their vertical and who is the overall winner.


The >>venture>> competition is among the start-up awards with the longest tradition in Switzerland. However this year  >>venture>> has made some notable changes to its program structures by introducing verticals and doubling the price money. Today the winners of the three verticals have been announced. These include: Software & Services The Legartis SaaS-solution enables companies to identify, classify and understand contracts within seconds. Pre-signature: Legartis is able to recognize problematic, unacceptable & missing provisions. Post-signature: Legartis provides an instant insight into one’s legal data to allow an organisation to proactively manage contracts and is able to mitigate risks. The company has about 30 employees and is focussing on growth. Musa is a 3D serious game targeted to kids. The only way to pass challenges is to play the right notes on a real piano or keyboard. The goal is that kids learn without noticing thanks to a teaching method devised by music professors, joined with engaging game experience. The app was just launched. Musa, founded by Silvia Lama, a student in Management, Technology and Economics at ETH Zurich, is based in Milan.  Teserakt provides the most secure and energy-efficient encryption solution for industrial IoT and M2M networks. The software-only solution supports post-quantum encryption and automated key management to provide high-assurance protection to critical systems, such as automotive networks or satellite-based communications. Teserakt’s customers are in diverse sectors such as aerospace and law enforcement technology. Hardware Bloom has developed a ground-breaking solution for the production of sustainable and cost-competitive bio-based materials for the chemical industry. Bloom is the first company able to isolate and selectively break down “lignin”, a largely unexploited constituent of plants. This technology is the first of its kind and offers an unprecedented alternative for many petroleum-based products. From fragrances to polyurethanes, Bloom plans to offer tailored solutions to its customers helping them to reduce their carbon footprint.   Every year over 2.5 million tons of PET plastic is discarded, 2 million tons (over 800 million USD) was exported, and over 8 million tons ended up in our oceans. Due to the current recycling technology, only 7 % of recycled PET bottles are remade into new bottles. To close the loop of PET recycling, Depoly has developed a novel solution allowing the chemical recycling of PET plastic back to its two main components. EH Group (EHG) is focused on becoming a leading global supplier of fuel cell (FC) stacks and systems for a cleaner environment. EHG develops FC innovations across both mobile and stationary applications. EHG’s uniquely redesigned product has resulted in a more robust, compact and lightweight fuel cell. In addition, its proprietary manufacturing process under development will make FC stacks significantly cheaper.  Health & Nutrition HAYA Therapeutics is developing a proprietary anti-fibrotic therapy for myocardial fibrosis and heart failure by targeting a master regulator of fibrosis in the heart, Wisper. Heart failure as a consequence of myocardial fibrosis is the world’s biggest killer and represents a significant unmet medical need. HAYA will also implement a target discovery engine to develop a pipeline of lncRNA anti-fibrotic targets in multiple tissues/indications.  Today microcapsules inside pills have uncontrolled sizes resulting in an uncontrolled release of drugs inside the body. Microcaps offers a novel technology for the production of microparticles and microcapsules which enables pharma companies to achieve precise size control and high throughput at the same time. The technology can also be used for fragrances in cosmetic products for flavours in food and for probiotics. Sleepiz’ multidimensional sleep monitoring solution measures vital signs in a non-contact and medical grade manner to diagnose sleep disorders at home. The cloud-based solution saves time and money, allowing a larger number of patients to be examined for sleep disorders. The company was already able to develop a strong network of clinical and research partners with whom the team work closely together. The nine winners will join the final pitch in front of the Advisory Board on 1 July. The Advisory Board will select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each vertical. They will take home a prize of CHF 50k, 20K and 10K respectively. The first place winners in each vertical will have a further opportunity to pitch one final time for a chance to win an additional CHF 100’000. The winner will be announced at the >>venture>> Award Ceremony which also takes place on 1 July in Zurich. (SK)