banks CHF 150’000

With its B2B Software-as-a-Service solution for computer-vision-enabled human motion analysis in real-time, Zurich based Vay has attracted interest from renowned players in fitness, therapeutics and rehabilitation space. The secured CHF 150,000 from Venture Kick will allow the startup to strengthen its position.

Founded in 2019 by Joel Roos (CEO), Ben Simon (COO), and Patrizio Bonzani (CTO), VAY developed a novel approach to train computers to understand human motion and movements. The start-up’s computer vision software effortlessly digitizes human movements to provide users with high personalization, real-time feedback, and professional guidance. VAY’s hardware-agnostic Human Pose Estimation algorithms work with any camera and create a computer model of the human body in real-time.

The ETH Zurich spinoff aims to democratize professional human motion analysis through readily available consumer devices. By making lab-grade human motion analysis accessible to everybody, VAY enables novel prevention, diagnosis, and treatment methods for musculoskeletal conditions and increases physical health and longevity. The startup provides business clients in the fitness and health sectors with the most extensive and highest quality movement library with interfaces that can be used in a plug-and-play manner. This reduces the costs involved in developing and maintaining the technology in-house.

While the company enjoys its position as a leading provider of camera-based motion analysis solutions with over 10 partners on its non-commercial license and customers from the US, Europe and Asia, Vay has big plans over the next months: to grow within the space and secure a portion in the medical product market. The CHF 150,000 obtained from Venture Kick will enable Vay to pursue its plans as part of a larger Seed round.

Photo: The VAY co-founders (from left to right): Joel Roos (CEO), Patrizio Bonzani (CTO), and Ben Simon (COO)