Vaud's Covid19 response relies on Antavi


Swiss startup Antavi is helping the Canton de Vaud manage the response to the Covid19 crisis, by collecting and aggregating data turning it into actionable items. The venture had already collaborated with the Canton on last year’s Fête des Vignerons and the recent Youth Olympic Games, two major Swiss events.


Managing the response to the Covid19 crisis requires a broad and crystal clear picture. To achieve this, Antavi is currently helping the Canton Vaud in aggregating crucial statistics across the board ranging from hospitals, public security teams, funeral institutes, to supply chains. As Ulf Blanke, Antavi's CEO explains, more than 320 parameters from 98 locations are continuously collected and monitored 24/7.

Antavi works today with the Canton de Vaud’s EMCC (Etat Major Cantonal de Conduite), who is responsible for public safety measures and monitoring crisis-affected KPIs of public services. To align their strategy and contingency plans, one of their biggest challenges is to keep situational awareness across a multitude of public services. This includes, for instance, the resource status of supply chains of various distributors, the “Protection Civile”, hospitals, and every funeral institute. The startup’s app and web-based antavi Ops solution play here a key role, getting teams to work together across tremendously diverse functions of many entities such as individual companies or public departments.

Aside from agility and situational picture, CEO Ulf Blanke explains that another decisive factor in a crisis situation is the usability or user experience. A tool is needed that does not require routine or training to become useful by a multitude of different user profiles. It needs to be intuitive from the start. A paramount aspect most tools in the safety sector are just not considering. Antavi’s attention-guiding platform presents this vast information flow as actionable items to anticipate locations running critical and accelerate response at an effective strength. Originating in event safety gave the startup an edge to cater the demand in crisis management, as processes are similar and require an agile platform.

Yves Kohler, Head of strategic support division, EMCC, comments: “The values of this solution are manifold. Reporting times are shortened significantly, data quality is significantly increased, standardised, and available to all partners. With the antaviOps app, we are able to onboard people outside of our organisation to deliver us data of critical public services”.

Zurich based Antavi started working with the Canton de Vaud on projects for last year’s Fête des Vignerons or Youth Olympics in Lausanne 2020. Today the startup is looking forward to pursue its collaboration with the Canton. Founded in 2015 as an ETH spin off, Zurich based Antavi employs today 2 FTE and partners with an offshoring company for software development. Having demonstrated demand and constant revenue, the company is hitting the limit in resources to grow more aggressively. To this end, the startup is looking into strategic partnerships and funding to increase its sales force in the future