Vaud Delegation at DLD Festival Tel Aviv impressed

In collaboration with NOMADS Foundation, the Canton de Vaud is bringing this week ten startups to this year’s DLD Festival in Tel Aviv, a major tech conference that gathers over 10,000 participants. This year the Swiss Delegation is gathering momentum and the first impressions are very positive. A good sign for the week to come.

A large number of startups, investors, experts and innovators are gathering this week at Tel Aviv for the DLD Festival, a major tech conference with 10,000+ participants. After an encouraging visit in 2016, a bigger Swiss delegation is back from September 4th to 8th

Thanks to the NOMADS Foundation and its president Sabrina Cohen Dumani, the Canton de Vaud will have a strong presence in a Swiss Delegation that counts over 20 startups and more than 70 people. Canton de Vaud is supporting the delegation together with Investiere, AP-Swiss and others.

Innovaud is part of the delegation and will accompany no less than 10 companies based in the Canton. As Patrick Barbey, the organization director explains, the goal is to network and make connections with investors, other startups and larger corporations. Google and Microsoft among others have a large presence in the event.

Especially noteworthy is Thursday’s morning "Swiss Chocolate Breakfast" event where Swiss Startups will be showcased. Ten innovative ventures based in the Canton are part of the delegation:

  • Ecorobotix who develop and commercialize autonomous, solar powered weeding robots for agriculture.
  • Swissto12  is a pioneer in 3D-printed antenna for the aerospace industry.
  • Astrocast develops a network of nanosatellites to bring down the cost of connecting devices anywhere on the planet.
  • Second Spectrum is providing solutions for real-time sports analytics.
  • Siradis is a "New Food" startup developing innovative snacks and drinks.
  • MotionPilot ( is part of the "Drone Valley" ecosystem and provides an intuitive, haptic controller for piloting drones.
  • PIQ Sport Intelligence ( is offering wearable sensors and apps for sports, to help athletes improve their performance.
  • Geosatis provides innovative electronic monitoring via a highly secure bracelet.
  • Frontiers  is one of the largest Open Science platforms in the world.
  • Classeek is connecting the best musicians with the best opportunities.

Contacted by Startupticker, the Vaud Delegation is impressed at the end of the first day. Innovaud's director Patrick Barbey notes that the Swiss Delegation has grown well since last year with startups active in very different areas coming from Zurich, Geneva and Valais. The program proposed by Nomads has also become more ambitious. 

On the startup side, the first feedbacks are also positive. Fabien Jordan, the CEO and co-founder of Astrocast, is impressed by the variety of participants and skills in the delegation. He also noted the very interesting visit to Checkpoint on the first day. Emil de Rijk, CEO of Swissto12 is also delighted to be back in Israel to continue the good work with his startup’s israeli customers. For him, the Swiss Delegation is the perfect environment to do this.