US company acquires Swiss risk intelligence data pioneer

Steele Compliance Solutions, Inc., focused on ethics and compliance management for the world’s largest multinational enterprises and financial institutions, has acquired info4c. The Zurich based company delivers the most trusted and robust Politically Exposed Person, State Owned Entity, Sanction Lists and Watchlists & Blacklists databases available.

Founded by current CEO Melitta Cabai, info4c provides curated and customized compliance data, enabling companies to address a variety of regulatory and risk requirements, including Anti Money Laundering (AML), Anti Bribery and Corruption (ABAC) and Know Your Customer (KYC). The Zurich-based company provides extensive global coverage in over 20 languages from official, public, reliable, reputable and transparent sources. Their flagship product, the PEP Desk (politically exposed persons database), is successfully implemented in thousands of banks, insurance companies and large global corporate players. Their PEP Desk portraits political figures, leaders and other important persons from more than 240 countries and territories and is customized for maximum efficiency.

Info4c is known for the industry leading quality of its datasets and will continue to go to market primarily through its network of value added partners. “We are excited to be joining our longtime partner and industry leader, with a history of innovation and a long-term vision for growth,” said Melitta Cabai, CEO of info4c. “In joining Steele, we can reach a wider scope of customers and partners by leveraging the best combination of Steele’s AI-based technology and proprietary data, along with human intelligence, to deliver comprehensive risk information. 

This acquisition positions Steele’s patented AI-driven platform, Risk Intelligence Data, as the most comprehensive source for real-time, high-quality risk and compliance data for effective decision-making regarding vendors, suppliers and customers. “Now, more than ever, compliance professionals need better technology and better data to effectively identify risk,” said Eric Lochner, CEO of Steele. “As a long-term partner of Steele, we have valued our relationship with info4c for nearly a decade, and we look forward to supporting and investing in info4C’s robust partner ecosystem.”

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Picture: TheDigitalWay / Pixabay