US biotech company acquires NeuroCycle Therapeutics

Engrail Therapeutics has acquired NeuroCycle Therapeutics, a spin-off from ETH Zurich founded in 2016. NeuroCycle focusses on therapeutics for the Central Nervous System.

Engrail Therapeutics, based in San Diego, aims to build a leading, patient-centric neuroscience company with a growing pipeline through licensing, co-development and acquisitions. “Our flexible transaction model and science-first approach allows us to acquire high-quality assets with a lower-risk path to market where significant patient need still exists,” said Vikram Sudarsan, Ph.D., CEO and president, Engrail Therapeutics. “We combine a comprehensive view of clinical development strategy, regulatory considerations and intellectual property to find differentiated assets with validated mechanisms of action.”

Recently the company announced that it had acquired NeuroCycle Therapeutics, a company based in Zurich and founded by Jed Hubbs. NeuroCycle focused on selectively targeting specific GABA-A receptor subtypes to treat diseases related to central sensitization including chronic itch, and chronic pain, and epilepsy syndromes. “GABA-A is a well validated target and modulators of this receptor have therapeutic effect across a broad range of neurological and psychiatric conditions. We now have multiple sub-type selective GABA-A modulators with strong profiles and look forward to rapidly advancing development,” explained Vikram Sudarsan. The acquisition strengthens Engrail’s presence in the GABA-A space and provides a strong platform for initiation of clinical trials with multiple assets in 2021.

Jed Hubbs, Ph.D., CEO and president, NeuroCycle Therapeutics said, “We believe Engrail represents the ideal company to carry on the work NeuroCycle started given their focus and experience in the GABA-A space. We look forward to seeing them bring novel medicines to patients that need them.”

(Press release / SK)