UrbanAlps: First 3D metal printed key released commercially

Swiss start-up UrbanAlps has developed a highly secure additively manufactured metallic key which cannot be copied. The “Stealth Key” is launched this week at the Intersec trade fair in Dubai.

Mechanical keys are cheap and convenient. However in the age of 3D printing they can be copied easily. Simple keys can be copied with a picture, high security keys require home 3D scanners which are becoming more widespread. Based on the 3D scan the key can be printed with an affordable 3D printer.

There are some solutions to this problem, for example keys with chips inside and electronic access systems. However those systems are much more expensive than the classical mechanical key.

UrbanAlps has found an amazing solution to the security issue. Its Stealth Key hides most of its mechanical security features internally – rendering the key unscannable. The start-up has developed a range of cylinder locks and un-scannable keys based on the Stealth Key concept. No matter how many pictures or home 3D scanners are used, it cannot be copied. And according to UrbanAlps the system is in a similar price range as current mechanical systems.

The premier showcase of the Stealth Key and Stealth lock takes place this week at Intersec 2017. Intersec is the largest exhibition in its industry and with visitors from 127 countries also the most international event worldwide. Last year more 30’000 visitors attended and almost 1300 exhibitors presented their products and solutions.

At the moment UrbanAlps is looking for three medium volume pilot customers for 2017 (>300 units). Possible application fields are those where protection of high value goods and key duplication are critical, for example ATM machines, safety deposit boxes, data center cabinets, etc. End customers can already pre-order a “Stealth padlock” based on the Stealth technology of UrbanAlps.

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