University of Basel Innovation and Startup exploration mission to Korea


Eight startups from the University of Basel, ETH Zürich, FHNW and Day.One will travel to Korea this summer to explore the market and seek internationalization opportunities. This is an initiative of the Innovation Office of the University of Basel.


The Innovation Office of the University of Basel is supporting startups from Basel in their internationalization efforts from very early on. In particular, close relationships exist with Korea where a delegation of eight startups from the University of Basel, ETH Zürich, FHNW and Day.One will travel to next week. “Korea is very advanced in innovation and its companies, hospitals & VC’s are open to work with Swiss healthcare startups. Our excellent & long-standing relationship with Korea provides the startups with the right access points and a supportive community to achieve success”, explains Christian Elias Schneider, Head of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the University of Basel. In Korea, the startups will have meetings with a hospital to discuss clinical trial & validation collaboration and a Korean diagnostics company led by a Swiss-Korean CEO for market entry facilitation and business development. Additionally, the delegation will meet with Korean digital & software startups to complement the Swiss startup’s medical knowledge with Korean skills in gamification and programming for new common applications. The trip also include the visit to the Seoul Biohub and its biotech & diagnostics startups as an incubation partner in Korea. All meetings and workshops are facilitated by the Science & Technology Office of the Embassy of Switzerland in Korea & the University of Basel Innovation Team. In addition, two startup workshops are organized to bring together the Swiss-Korean startup community,  provide mentoring and know-how from both countries, Venture Capitalists and UNIST (Ulsan National University of Science & Technology). The participating startups include: Advancience (Allschwil / DayOne / University of Basel) – is a data science company that develops and applies highly scalable software solutions for the digital measurement of human behavior and intellectual capacity. The startup uses game-based assessment, ultra-large reference cohorts and automated advanced statistical analysis to bring digitization into the field of applied psychology. Artidis (Basel) – the startup developed first ever nano-mechnical biomarker for cancer by differentiating benign vs. malignant in less than 3 hours & defining treatment options based on the unique nano-mechanical signature of cancer cells. ARTIDIS seeks to combine precise tissue measurement with data analytics to enable an individual and optimized treatment proposal. Aurteen (Canada / DayOne) – provides software that performs computer-aided diagnosis (cad) and analysis of preterm eye disease (rop) and a severe form of diabetic retinopathy (dr). The software can be deployed as a remotely-operated system with quantitative tools and will contain modules for assessment and management of disorders beyond the retina Bottmedical (Basel / University of Basel) – is based on an IP portfolio related to robust and flexible dielectric elastomer sensors (DES), which offer the possibility for static/dynamic pressure sensing. Fabricated on soft polymer substrates, they can be directly attached to the skin or implant surface for real-time monitoring with a millisecond time response of different human physiological signals and body motions. Deep Breath Initiative (Zug / University Hospital of Zürich and Children University Hospital of Basel) – aims to provide technical solutions for the rapid and sensitive real-time analysis of exhaled breath and to bring usable analysis into the clinic by developing cutting-edge analytical technologies. Biomarkers will be identified and validated with high statistical significance through the correlation of clinical and breathe molecular data gathered by different researchers. Haako (Basel) – is the developer of datalinker, a software service for exchanging health data among organizations (hospitals and doctors), patients and third parties. With datalinker, the company enables hospitals and doctors to access patient-generated data from wearables and apps, allowing better decisions based on more and up-to-date data. Maxwell Biosystems (Basel / ETH Zürich) – develops microelectronics-based analytical instruments which allow for unique high-resolution imaging and functional analyses of electrogenic cells activity at network, cellular, and sub-cellular level. Its introduction in the safety screening and drug discovery pipelines will allow for thorough sample characterization, accelerating the development of new compounds and reducing the time to market. STREAM (Basel / Universitätsspital Basel) – The web-based stress management program STREAM (STRess Aktiv Mindern) is the first scientifically evaluated and documented web-based psycho-oncological program enhancing the quality of life in the population of newly diagnosed cancer patients. In addition participating coaches, mentors, organisers that will join the delegation to Korea include: Hans-Florian Zeilhofer, University of Basel (mentor/organiser), Christian Schneider, University of Basel (mentor/organiser), Alessandro Mazzetti, University of Basel (mentor/organiser), Vossius & Partner (mentor/patent attorney) and BuryWalz (mentor/healthcare brand specialist).(RAN)