United Premier Soccer League joins forces with mycujoo


The United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) has announced a partnership with mycujoo, the Zurich based football live streaming platform. As part of the partnership, every UPSL team will have access to mycujoo’s live streaming services.


mycujoo, a streaming platform providing live and on-demand broadcasts of soccer matches from around the world, provides channels for teams, leagues and federations to broadcast their own content and helps them build a stronger relationships with their players and their fans. The Zurich based startup, mycujoo improves the business side for clubs, leagues and federations across the globe.

Since its establishment in 2014, the company has earned the trust of key partners within the world of football such as the Asian Football Confederation, the Portuguese Football Federation, the Philippines Football Association and the Federação Paulista. Its newly acquired partner, UPSL is in dozens of key soccer markets across 31 states, servicing thousands of players, coaches and employees.

United Premier Soccer League Commissioner Yan Skwara said, "This is as exciting a partnership as we have created, and we are very pleased to announce Mycujoo as the UPSL's Official Streaming Platform. mycujoo is going to change the way people watch the UPSL, and with the ability to see game and player highlights utilizing mycujoo's mobile technology, we will be Connecting American Soccer even further."

Pedro Presa, CEO of mycujoo, said, “We are thrilled to kick off this new partnership with the UPSL this season. mycujoo is thriving to support leagues such as the UPSL, and clubs such as the ones participating in this league - by providing them with an even more valuable experience. Through this partnership, clubs will be able to increase their visibility, players will enjoy a better playing experience by being able to watch and share their own highlights, and the fans will be able to engage with their favourite teams and players more than ever before by watching and sharing the games and highlights, either live or on-demand."

(Press release/ran)