UniSieve banks USD 4.6 million

The Membrane Platform technology developed by UniSieve promises to reduce process energy by 90%. The financial boost with lead investor Wingman Ventures will facilitate production scale-up, on-site piloting and commercialisation.

The USD 4.6 Million investment in UniSieve consists of a financing round led by Wingman Ventures, a Venture Capital fund operating in Switzerland, the GREEN DEAL Grant from the European Innovation Council (EIC, previously known as SME Instrument) and the EIT Climate-KIC initiative (by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology).

The investment will enable Unisieve to accelerate its mission to support companies from the chemical and energy industry in conserving energy and reducing waste. The high energy demand for state-of-the-art separation used purify chemical products accounts for over 10% of global energy use. UniSieve’s proprietary UniSieve membrane solution promises to save up to 90% of the energy required to purify the world’s most frequent chemical feedstocks. Therefore, customers can significantly reduce greenhouse gas pollution, recover valuable chemicals, and save operational costs. Besides, highly efficient separation technologies are enabling technologies to increase the economic attractiveness and sustainability of the growing renewable chemicals market.

The funds will also allow the Zurich based startup to establish pilot production and co-finance industrial testing at customers’ chemical sites. The investment will sustain the company until the closure of sales agreements for full-scale separation units, supporting customers in the chemical and energy industry in enhancing the sustainability of their operations.

In line with the investment, Lukas Weder from Wingman Ventures will join the board of UniSieve. He explains the firm’s decision to invest stating: “With UniSieve, we back a highly innovative platform technology which optimises the production process of the world’s largest chemical feedstocks by significantly reducing the amount of energy used in the process. We truly believe the UniSieve team can significantly contribute to the net-zero economy”.

(Press release/RAN)