UniqFEED live on 20 TV stations and Facebook


Relevant advertisement for viewers from different countries is now possible thanks to a Swiss start-up. UniqFEED has developed a software technology that enables virtual advertising by overlaying desired content on the pitch or perimeter boards for live broadcasting. The first live case of the Eisenhower Cup Tie Break Tens broadcasted on 20 TV stations globally and Facebook live was a success.


During the past four years, uniqFEED was developing AdApt, a software-based solution that facilitates virtual overlay on existing stadium advertising spaces such as on the sports-field and perimeter boards with any content of choice for the live television broadcast feed. This allows rights holders (the owners of both the broadcasting and sponsoring rights) to produce user-friendly feeds for specific consumer markets. AdApt is powered by the image based pixel recognition technology, which also includes object recognition, deep learning and artificial intelligence. The software uses camera signals firstly to detect where to replace an ad and then to compute how to replace it photo-realistically such that it is indistinguishable from the real Ad. For the former, AdApt analyzes the scene to detect the positioning and placement of the pre-selected ads. In a second step, the software divides the image into foreground and background and realistically replaces the real ad with the chosen virtual ad. Three patents protect the startup‘s solution. “Our technology can overcome the global sponsorship approach and offers new sponsorship possibilities beyond. For example, if an airline is not active in a specific market, its logo can be replaced with another brand. Moreover, the problem of legally restricted products and brands can be solved by virtual advertising. Thanks to our technology we can provide a market-specific feed that complies with the rules in that relative country”, said Lukas Gysin, CEO and Founder of UniqFEED. A successful first Live caseAt the beginning of March, uniqFEED was live for the first time at the Eisenhower Cup Tie Break Tens (TB10s) in Indian Wells. The team together with TB10s – as its client and right holder – modified the virtual world feed that was broadcasted by around 20 TV stations globally and was live-streamed on Facebook Live. The Tie Break Tens logos on the pitch (see photo) were all virtual. Gysin acclaims that the company’s first live case was a success. Besides the successful first live event, UniqFEED has achieved other milestones. Apart from TB10s the startup has acquired the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) as a client and has ongoing discussions with other rights holders across table tennis, badminton, tennis. Currently, UniqFEED employees 20 people and is still hiring for the development and operational departments.(RAN/SK)