UK-based company acquires People-Analytix

Zurich-based startup People-Analytix developed an AI-based employee skills management platform with over 20,000 unique skills to help companies manage skill shifts in their organisation. Following its acquisition, the entire startup team will join the new parent company Learning Pool, a leading provider of learning technologies and content in North America and Western Europe.

Founded in 2017, People-Analytix set the goal to address challenges faced by human resources departments. The company combines a unique database, artificial intelligence and analytical forecasting methods to help organisations identify skill gaps and relevant labour market trends. It offers a skills management platform that includes a proprietary multilingual skills ontology with over 20,000 unique skills, enabling companies to identify organisational skills gaps, uncover workforce trends and match employees to jobs, projects and learning. Companies such as AXA, IKEA and Swisscom, Siemens, Deutsche Post DHL, Baloise have used the solution.

Learning Pool, a leading provider of learning technologies and content in North America and Western Europe, serving 20 global companies of the Fortune 100 and over 1,500 organisations worldwide, has acquired the People-Analytix. In addition to benefiting from the startup’s innovative AI-based skills solution, the takeover will allow Learning Pool to take a leading position in the global re-skilling and upskilling solutions field.

Ben Betts, CEO of Learning Pool, said, “Every global enterprise is struggling to attract and retain skilled employees, and the widening skills gaps that are stopping businesses from growing at the pace they desire are apparent in every boardroom conversation. Learning Pool’s acquisition of People-Analytix, and the subsequent advancements it will bring to our platform, means that we can now give customers the power to automatically address skill gaps as they appear.”

“We believe People-Analytix’s AI-based skills platform is highly complementary to Learning Pool’s eLearning offering and significantly enhances our competitive position in a strategic segment of the market,” said Jan-Olivier Fillols, a managing director at Marlin Equity Partners.

The entire People-Analytix team will continue to work together in the new company. “We look forward to continuing our passion for innovation and customer focus, now globally, together with Learning Pool”, said Christoph Küffer, co-founder and CEO of People-Analytix AG.(Press release/RAN)