Uepaa sets foot in the US with new offices in San Francisco

Uepaa, the Zurich based peer-to-peer proximity technology pioneer, announces its expansion into North America with a new office in San Francisco, California. Uepaa is an ETH-Zurich Spinoff providing peer-to-peer software that enables developers to integrate proximity features into their apps.

Uepaa’s Proximity Awareness technology for mobile apps enables businesses of any size to facilitate unprecedented user discovery and engagement. With billions of proximity events going untapped every day, Uepaa steps in where GPS ends – as the driving technology layer for hyperlocal user discovery and proximity analytics.

Since the launch of its first version of the Software Development Kit (SDK) in 2015, Uepaa has seen tremendous uptake, with over 1800 customers from over 60 countries and a growing number of paying customers. This growing demand and volume of sales for Uepaa’s services are some of the factors that propelled the startup to enter the US market, which will act as its sales hub.

The new offices in San Francisco will be run by Matthew Kotler, formerly VP Sales at VentureBeat. Kotler’s strong sales track record and understanding of cutting-edge market dynamics in technology and innovation positions Uepaa well for successful North American market entry.

Kotler joins Uepaa from VentureBeat, the leading digital publication for disruptive technology, venture capital and enterprise innovation. At VentureBeat, he drove go-to-market strategy while leading all sales initiatives. Previously, he spent 3.5 years with CNET and ZDNet, the respective consumer and enterprise tech media arms of CBS Interactive. “Uepaa’s mobile proximity technology is making user discovery frictionless, while streamlining user engagement for mobile app publishers and brands. It is an absolute game-changer for mobile,” said Kotler. “I am thrilled to help brands of all sizes enhance their mobile user experience. Proximity is the next evolution in mobile user experience and I’m honoured to join this team and introduce it to the world.”

“Being close to our customers and partners is key – even in the digital age”, said Mathias Haussmann, CEO of Uepaa. “Without a doubt, North America and in particular Silicon Valley is where mobile innovation happens. Hence, opening an office in San Francisco was the logical next step and I am really excited to have appointed Matthew Kotler in a strategic move to unleash proximity-driven innovation right out of the technology heartbeat of the world. It is a major step towards our mission to become the benchmark for software-based mobile proximity tech.”

As the mobile ecosystem continues to mature, awareness to nearby devices has become a key ingredient in contextual and streamlined user experience, enabling brands to drive mobile engagement and provide customers with insightful proximity data. In the coming months, Uepaa will focus on establishing its leadership position in North America by bringing its domain expertise from Europe to the West, undertaking ambitious plans to ensure that the p2p future is here.

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