Two Swiss startups selected for QAI’s accelerator program

Seven companies have been selected for the second cohort of the QAI Ventures Accelerator program. These visionary startups from Europe and North America are set to drive significant advancements in quantum computing, sensing, and communications. Switzerland is represented by a fintech and a quantum computing startup.

QAI Ventures is a Quantum and Advanced AI-focused VC Fund and Startup Accelerator based in Arlesheim (BL). QAI supports early-stage quantum and AI startups, providing them with the resources to transform their projects from the lab to the market.

The companies of the second cohort include:

Scenario X (Geneva) – develops an innovative platform for financial institutions, focusing on scenario-based modeling and risk management. Leveraging AI and Machine Learning, its financial analytics solution will feature 15+ interconnected modules, delivering outstanding modelling speed and results across the spectrum of financial, risk, treasury, capital, and liquidity modelling. 

ZuriQ (Zurich) - Scalable quantum computer hardware based on trapped ions. The technology has the potential to enable quantum computers with more qubits than before.

Commutator Studios (Germany) - Developer tools to boost quantum application performance. 

Munich Quantum Instruments (Germany) - Scalable photonic quantum sensors for groundbreaking discoveries. 

QCentroid (Spain) - QuantumOps platform revolutionizing enterprise computational solutions. 

QPerfect (France) - Advanced quantum operating system for high-performance quantum computing. 

Quantized Technology (Canada) - Next-gen quantum data encryption for unprecedented security. 

These startups are at the forefront of quantum technology, poised to transform industries with their cutting-edge solutions. Each brings unique expertise and innovation to the program, from enhancing quantum computing capabilities to securing communications in the AI and quantum era.

Program highlights

One of the program’s standout features is access to state-of-the-art quantum hardware from partners such as QuantumBasel, QuEra Computing Inc., Strangeworks, IBM, IonQ, D-Wave, and Nvidia. This access will enable startups to push the boundaries of their technological advancements and drive meaningful innovation.

Starting on 17 June 2024, the five-month accelerator program will provide comprehensive support for the startups’ business development. Participants will gain access to a global mentor network, valuable industry connections, and guidance to ensure they are investment-ready. At the launch event on 17 June you can meet the founders, the QAI Ventures team an the ecosystem on the garden rooftop at uptownBasel in Arlesheim.

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Picture: TheDigitalArtist / Pixabay