Two studies recognize the quality of the Swiss startup ecosystem


It is evident that Switzerland is an attractive country for startups, not only in terms of investment but also due to its large ecosystem. These were the findings of two reports in which Switzerland as the country has maintained its position in the top ten. However, at city level, Swiss cities fail to compare in rankings.


Two reports comparing various countries worldwide in relation to startups have been published. The and Stripe report, focusing on investments for growth startups analyzed more than 2,000 growth startups that raised a total of more than €30 billion in growth funding across 2,300 investment rounds from 2016 to 2018. Overall, total investments in growth startups have more than doubled in the past three years particularly in the UK, Germany, France and Sweden, where scale-ups raised 70% of the total investments (€21 billion out of the €30 billion). Switzerland secured the fifth position; nonetheless, according to the study, the country's total investment in 2018 is significantly lower than all the top four countries. The second report by StartupBlick evaluates the attractiveness of the startup ecosystem in countries from the period 2017-2019. The report is based on data obtained from startups, accelerators and co-working spaces that are listed on the StartupBlink global startup ecosystem map. Additional data was received from its global partners, including Crunchbase, and SimilarWeb. Unlike the previous reports, the 2019 Startup Ecosystem Rankings Report 2019 also tracked both momentum and trends within the startup ecosystem. According to the report, Switzerland has maintained its position in the Global startup ecosystem ranking, preceded by the U.S., the UK, Canada, Israel, Australia, the Netherlands and Sweden. Behind Switzerland is Germany in the 9th position followed by Spain. The StartupBlink report also shows that Switzerland can compete on a national level but not on the level of individual cities. A start-up scene that is scattered all over the country and the small Swiss cities result in poor rankings of the cities. None of the cities in Switzerland made it to the top fifty of the 1000 startup cities represented by the strength of their startup ecosystem. Zurich comes in at position 53, falling back by seven places since 2017 while Lausanne moves up from position 192 in 2017 to 78 in 2019. The City Baar made it to the rankings for the first time at position 881. The quality of the data of both studies might not be entirely convincing but the two main results are nevertheless remarkable. They show clearly that the Swiss ecosystem is recognized internationally and that Switzerland can only compete as one big start-up hub with other startup ecosystems around the world.(RAN)