Two startups among the best innovations at CES Asia


Kenzen, with its biosensor wearable patch, has received the CES Asia Startup Award in the category Best Health startup. The patch uses non-invasive sweat analysis predict, monitor and prevent avoidable diseases.


This year CES Asia, the most significant event for the consumer technologies industry, launched a special award to recognize innovative solutions and trends associated with artificial intelligence. Fifty startups from all over the world offering solutions in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, healthcare, autonomous vehicles, AR/VR, IoT, and audiovisual technologies, entered the finalist round of CES Asia’s Startup Awards.

The TechNode team engaged in three selection rounds to reduce the number of finalists to nine startups, in nine categories. Two Swiss startups topped two award categories.

Kenzen won the category Best Health Startup. The Zurich based startup is developing a wearable biosensor patch and a health analytics platform that predicts and prevents avoidable injuries and health conditions using sweat analysis. Unlike other wearable health devices, Kenzen’s patch is attached to the abdomen, providing predictive analytics for personal health and safety.

The second winner was SoFlow in the category Best Vehicle Technology Startup for their e-skateboard, Lou. More information is in a separate article.