Two Fintech Startup Weekends to disrupt finance

Two Fintech Startup Weekend are just around the corner. The first starts this Friday at the Fintech Fusion Accelerator in Geneva. The second is due in one week at the F10 Six Fintech Incubator in Zurich. Entrepreneurs with a business idea in the fintech field should seize these opportunities to disrupt finance and create their startups.

Fintech Startup Weekend season starts in Geneva this Friday. The event will be held at Fintech Fusion Accelerator in Carouge. It is an ideal opportunity for everyone with a fintech idea to look for talented team members or to find co-founders? Apart from that participants will learn how to turn an idea into a business model? There are only a few  tickets left for Fintech Startup Weekend Geneva.

Coaches specialized in finance, IT and tech as well as influential entrepreneurs will share their experience and assist teams to tackle any challenges they may encounter during the 54 hours of business creation. At the end of the week-end, a panel of judges will identify the most promising product or service.

The organizing team in Geneva is proud to have theScreener, Dybaw Regtrail and eWise as a headline sponsors, followed by other big names in finance, tech, innovation and design - such as HEIG-VD, Swiss Fintech, IBM, Fintech Fusion, Alphametry and Lykke.

One week after Geneva the Fintech Startup Weekend Zurich (14-16.10) will take at the SIX Fintech Incubator. Some tickets are still available for individuals who want to launch a fintech startup in one weekend.