Two fintech awards for qashqade


After only one year of existence, the fintech startup qashqade has been crowned the most innovative SaaS Developer and the Fintech Startup of year in the Fintech Awards, hosted by Wealth & Finance. Qashqade provides fintech software solutions for the alternatives market.


Founded in 2018, qashqade helps General Partners, Limited Partners, administrators and legal advisors in the private equity field - as well as any private company seeking for a waterfall calculation tool - to track their cash flow, investors or shareholders and supports them in modelling the next financing round. The startup's software tool automates the most complex carry/waterfall calculations and allows the user to also calculate the individual carry points by legal entity and participant as well as enabling the user to simulate current and future cash flows. Collaborating with clients has enabled the company to stay ahead of current industry developments, making it the most innovative player in the alternatives space. Thanks to its innovativeness combined with customer-centricity, qashqade has received two awards in the ’Fintech Awards’ hosted by Wealth and Finance International which recognize the hard work, excellence and creativity of FinTech companies, start-ups, technologies and products. With the awards «The most innovative SaaS developer 2019» and «Fintech Startup of the Year 2019 Switzerland» qashqade is now set to further enhance its product suite while improving its investor tool which will help them to monitor and verify fees they get charged and the payback they obtain from the funds. The announced developments will enable the company to build a firm foundation in the fintech market. (Press release/ran)