Twenty Thirty AG closes first financing round

Twenty Thirty is a Zug based startup focusing on creating a decentralized world by creating innovation centres using of Blockchain technology. The startup announced the closing of its first round for the development products and services and infrastructure for innovation Centres.

Twenty thirty (20|30) announces the closing of their first seed round from founders, private investors and acquaintances. The funds will be used to develop additional products and services and infrastructure for 20|30’s innovation centers. The startup is now raising the second round to open the first innovation centres starting with London, Zurich, Amsterdam and Bangalore.

Established in Zug in 2017, 20|30 is a movement and a company founded by the serial entrepreneur David Siegel and his team who are using Blockchain technology to decentralise the global banking and trade systems. The 20|30 team is dedicated to reimagining and reinventing the way people work by using Blockchain technology to build a diverse portfolio of experiments, projects, and business units that empower people, organizations of all kinds, and societies.

“I believe that autonomy empowers individuals,” says David Siegel. “We are building a world with far less central control than we’ve become used to. I think companies, organizations, even nations will change this century as we rely less and less on centralized systems and more on mesh networks.”

One of their key activities is the establishment of Blockchain innovation centers in cities around the world. The Blockchain innovation centres will enable members to help each other, learn and invent new technologies, solve existing business problems by removing middlemen, find new market opportunities, and build solutions. Thanks to the decentralised network, members in the 20|30 community have the opportunity to focus on their customers and sales, as they build infrastructure, tools, apps, and smart contracts that one billion people will use in the year 20|30. Upcoming innovation centers will be in India, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland.

The innovation centres are designed to break even quickly. They make money through consulting, training, and renting desks, but they also serve as a social platform to draw talent from. The Twenty Thirty team will launch its own coin and use it to accelerate innovation.

Alongside operating innovation centers, the 20|30 team has built four distinct products – Token Factory, a product that will hold over 50 cryptocurrencies and act as an exchange platform, the 20|30 Data Locker, a health wallet and Etherisc, a flight delay insurance on Blockchain.

20|30 s working in close partnership with Lykke as their main client and with two other clients as well as three prime partners.

Prototyping hackathon
This year, 20|30 is hosting the world’s first online pretotyping competition. Pretotyping is the art creating an imaginary and product and trying to sell it, to test whether market will buy it.

The hackathon begins March 1st. Selected winners will be awarded cash prize.