Twenty-eight startups selected for the Innosuisse Scale up Coaching

The first phase of the Innosuisse Scale Up coaching program 2023 will support 28 startups to help them unlock their growth potential. The startups are developing solutions to address medical, engineering and environmental challenges, leveraging vast types of technology including artificial intelligence, sensors and more.

The Innosuisse selection committee for the Scale Up Coaching program has selected 28 candidates out of 40 applicants to participate in phase 1 of the program. Over the next eight to ten weeks, the cohort will work with a team of coaches to conduct an in-depth analysis of their growth strategy to identify specific and systemic problems to unlock their full growth potential over the next two years. At the program’s end, participants will present their growth strategy to a committee at a special Scale-up Award meeting. This presentation is the key to qualifying for phase 2.

The companies accepted into phase 1 of Scale-up Coaching are:

Life sciences

  • Artiria Medical SA, Medtech, Borex (Vaud), 2019 | deflectable guidewire for seamless navigation and stroke treatment.
  • Bionomous SA, Medtech, Villaz (Freiburg), 2022 | developed EggSorter, the world’s first provider of AI-powered solutions for screening, sorting and dispensing of small biological entities.
  • Genknowme SA, Biotech, Lausanne, 2019 | Epigenetical estimation of body preaging and digital management.
  • Magnes AG, Medtech, Zurich, 2014 | medical-grade gait analysis system
  • Terapet SA, Medtech, Geneva, 2016 | aims to make nuclear medicine imaging more accessible
  • ORamaVR SA, Healthcare IT, Plan-les-Ouates (Geneva) | health care education VR simulations
  • Resistell AG, Biotech, Muttenz (Basel-Landschaft), 2018 | diagnostic device that leverages phenotypic nano-motion technology for measuring living cells.
  • Sedimentum AG, Medtech, Cham (Zug), 2019 | Contactless fall detectors with automatic alarms enable seniors to live safely.


  • Almer Technologies AG, Bern, 2021 | Augmented Reality (AR) glasses for industrial applications.
  • AgroSustain SA, Renens (VD), 2018 | natural coatings to extend the shelf-life of fruits, vegetables and flowers.
  • Authena AG, Zug, 2018 | Authenticity and real-time traceability as a service to combat counterfeits.
  • Auxivo AG, Schwerzenbach (Zurich), 2019) | exoskeletons to support industrial workers performing physically demanding tasks.
  • Dotphoton AG, Zug, 2018 | raw image compression solution without compromising quality.
  • Klepsydra Technologies AG, Volketswil (Zurich), 2018 | developed software designed to process data on devices directly connected to sensors.
  • LARGO FILMS SA, Ecublens (VD), 2018 | data-driven intelligence for the film production industry.
  • Sensoryx AG, Zurich, 2015 | patented micro-sized, high-precision hard- and software solutions for 3D motion-tracking for the extended reality industry.
  • XRnanotech GmbH, Untersiggenthal (AG), 2020 | offers ten times better resolution, twice the photon efficiency and the best stability of state-of-the-art X-ray optics
  • Sy&Se SA, Saint-Blaise (Neuchatel), 2016 | specialises in assembling glasses with metals and ceramics.
  • Matchspace AG, Zurich, 2019 | full-service music edtech platform that makes music accessible to everyone.
  • Helio AG, Zurich, 2019 | uses a unique real-time algorithm to decarbonise cloud computing.


  • Droople SA, Puidoux (Vaud), 2018 | Internet of Water IoT solution to monitor and manage water assets
  • Bloom Biorenewables SA, Marly (Freiburg), 2020 | biomass fractionation technologies to produce sustainable and cost-competitive bio-based materials for the chemical industry.
  • MeduSoil SA, Lausanne, 2018 | developed technology to produce a high-quality, environmentally friendly liquid solution for minimally invasive soil injections.
  • MIRO Analytical AG, Wallisellen (Zurich), 2018 | compact Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL)-based trace gas analysers.
  • Oxara AG, Dietikon (Zurich), 2019 | develops a cement-free chemical mixture that turns excavation waste into eco-friendly building materials.
  • Oxyle AG, Schlieren, 2020 | empowers companies and municipalities to fight PFAS contamination by permanently removing them from bodies of water.
  • Urbio SA, Sion (Wallis), 2020 | SaaS platform that accelerates 10x the decarbonization of buildings with generative AI,
  • WeGaw SA, Trélex (Vaud), 2016 | uses geospatial data and AI to empower hydropower companies with invaluable insights.