Twelve startups take the stage at the Swiss Fintech Investor Day



In a fortnight, SICTIC will host the third Swiss Fintech Investor Day. The event offers startups the opportunity to pitch to investors. In the past two editions, 8 out of the 12 startups that pitched received funding within 6 months of the event. This year, 12 new startups will take the stage.


Swiss Fintech Investor day brings together investors and startups in the fintech sector to discuss some of the current trends in the industry. As part of the event, SICTIC offers startups the chance to pitch their solutions with the goal to attract investors. This format has helped startups not only to be in the spotlight of investors but also to raise funds after the event.

For this year's event, the SICTIC team has selected 12 startups to pitch in front of investors on 14 November. These include:

Alsaro/Project ClearID – a Know Your Customer/Anti Money Laundering platform for b2b.

ambrpay – allows businesses to accept subscription payments with cryptocurrency.

Crowd4Cash – online loan platform for SME and consumer loans that enables investments in loans for investors and loans with lower interest rates for borrowers through a direct connection between the parties, loans without a bank in the middle.

Dynametrics –the startup developed "Credit-bility", the Automated Credit Scoring tool that help Relationship Managers, Credit Analysts, Underwriters and Risk Managers do their job better, faster & cheaper.

Enolyst – an AI-driven platform for business information.

IMburse AG – a cloud-based "transaction-as-a-service" platform that acts as an orchestrator of the € 7 trillion in transactions for insurers.

Legartis – the legaltech startup developed SaaS-solution for legal document analysis to enable companies to identify, classify and understand contracts within seconds, pulling up-to-date data any time.

Leva – the first decentralized private equity co-investment platform, making private equity co-investment accessible to everybody.

Oyoba AG – is building data-driven and blockchain-enabled financial services for the next generations, the company structure is based on an inclusive governance and ownership model.

qashqade – a FinTech Start-up focused on providing Private Equity solutions for GPs (General Partners) and LPs (Limited Partners) as well as for any private company who is in need of a Cashflow Analysis tool helping them to track their investors or shareholders and supporting them in modelling the next financing round. – disrupts the credit markets and the credit card businesses by creating the credit-money for the crypto sphere.

Swisspeers –is an independent crowdlending platform that allows companies to raise debt directly from investors.