Travel groups and experts opt for Nezasa


Founded in 2012 in Zurich, Nezasa developed a tool that simplifies the distribution of tailor-made travel packages. Numerous clients, large tour operator groups as well as start-ups run by experienced industry veterans are using the technology.


Nezasa built a platform based on a new type of "Design Your Own" technology, which simplifies the distribution of tailor-made travel packages and empowers travel retailers to efficiently produce and sell individual trips. The technology allows travellers and agents to design itineraries based on proven templates and feasibility-checked options, and tour operators and agents to design and publish unique, differentiating products in an attractive way.

Thanks to their new technology the startup has attracted large tour operators, suppliers and retailers in the industry such as FTI, one of Europe's four largest tour operator groups, and several other well-known German tour operators are currently in onboarding. Recently, the former CEO of Thomas Cook Germany launched his own startup – a completely new tour operator – called Viamonda based on Nezasa’s. Besides the German tour operators, the startup also serves customers in Switzerland, South Africa, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Indonesia.

Nezasa becoming mainstream
“Initially, Nezasa was only endorsed by visionaries. Today, it is becoming part of the mainstream”, said Jan Reinhart, President of the Board of Directors at Nezasa. Nezasa has confirmed their unique position in the industry by signing FTI plus several small and medium travel players which generated a very full lead-funnel for the year 2018, during which deployment speed will accelerate due to the accumulated learnings of 2017. While predicting the future is always hard, Nezasa will for sure continue to make its mark on the travel industry – either as an independent provider of software and services or as part of a larger group. Given the large size of Nezasa’s addressable market, it will take many years and a few competitors to fully capture the opportunity in front of them” he adds. Long-distance travel packages represent a USD 200 billion market.

Financing and future plans
Last year, Nesaza closed the series A financing round led by Jan Reinhart from SICTIC. Participants in the round included, existing shareholders including Doodle co-founders Myke Näf and Paul Sevinç, and three Venture Capitalists. Series B round is ongoing and is planned to be complete in Q1/2018.

The startup is close to announcing a strategic partnership with one of the biggest technology providers in the European travel space for a new technology for roundtrip search. Also in prospect is the expansion of Nezasa. “We want to expand the business by growing with our customers, by gaining more customers in the current target market, and by putting together an offering that is more suitable for further international markets”, said Manuel Hilty, CEO of Nezasa.