TOP 18 startups contest further for the >>venture>> Award

Selected from a pool of 329 submissions, the Top 18 early-stage startups in six verticals will proceed to the final stage of the >>venture>> competition. They will pitch in front of the Advisory Board Members, who will determine the rankings and the 2024 Grand Prize winner.

On June 17, 2024 >>venture>> will host the finale of its annual startup competition at the Audi Max (HG F 30) in the Main Building of ETH Zurich. The ceremony aims to award early-stage startups with innovative solutions in six industry verticals – Finance and Insurance, Health and Nutrition, ICT, Industry and Engineering, Retail and Consumer Services, and Social and Environmental Impact. From the 60 finalists, the jury has selected three for each category that will proceed to the next level as they contest for the top ranking and grand prize of CHF 150,000 in cash and support.

The top 18 startups in their respective verticals are:

Finance and Insurance

CLIMADA Technologies – is a climate risk analytics company offering a scalable software solution to efficiently deliver forward-looking analysis for the exposed locations of a client, covering the most acute and chronic hazards.

Crowdtransfer – provides a platform for fans to support their favorite clubs by crowdfunding tokens tied to transfers or existing players.

MC² Finance – blends blockchain and regulatory compliance, offering an automated platform for digital asset portfolios.

Health and Nutrition

Cultivated Biosciences – is developing an alternative to dairy using a creamy fat obtained from the fermentation of non-genetically modified yeast to bring dairy mouthfeel to animal-free products.

Eviive – developed the extracellular vesicle (EV) biomarker discovery platform that significantly enhances the sensitivity and specificity of biomarker discovery, enabling early diagnosis, effective personalized treatment selection, and continuous monitoring of treatment response.

Procavea Biotech – is working on a protein-based drug delivery platform to the market, to solve the RNA-based drug delivery problem to non-liver tissues.


Optiml – is an AI-driven software solution platform that streamlines the planning of investments and renovations to support real estate owners and consultants in making smart, cost-effective, and CO₂-aware decisions.

Planeto – developed TESSA which digitalises the design of district heating networks, using machine learning to slash time, and cost and accelerate the energy transition.

Rapidata – provides massive amounts of scalable human feedback to improve AI models and outcomes.

Industrials and Engineering

Borobotics – develops an innovative drilling robot for geothermal energy drilling in tight spaces such as city centers.

qCella – is developing shape-customisable, flexible, paper-thin heating mats to foster energy-efficient heating in applications such as heated car seats, vehicle interiors, apparel, footwear and pain relievers.

RTDT Laboratories AG – is an ETH spin-off developing technology for structural health monitoring and power performance optimization of wind turbines.

Retail and Consumer services

Bergmobil – is the first comprehensive electric solution for active families allowing to effortlessly take kids, pets, or cargo along on runs, walks and bike rides. Its advanced control algorithm eliminates the external force required to move the trailer, making it versatile, intuitive to use and adaptable to many different stroller brands.

Brian – is an AI-powered learning platform, that converts existing teaching materials into engaging and social learning environments on students’ smartphones.

Wepot – manufactures ollas clay pots that efficiently deliver water to plant roots, conserving water and fostering healthier plants.

Social and Environmental impact

ALIEN Limited – provides an end-to-end solution to local communities to process an invasive alien species present in Swiss lakes – the Quagga Mussel which has negative environmental, social and economic impacts. The company collects the mussels through non-invasive processes and recycles 100% of the mussel into eco-materials and bio-sourced materials.

InvestConservation® – protects irreplaceable biodiversity by making conservation investable. 1 IC®Token represents 50 years of carbon & biodiversity rights linked to one hectare.

Malaica – developed a program which addresses pregnancy-related mortality which 100 times higher in Sub-Saharan Africa than in Europe. Remote midwives get training to support women throughout their pregnancy and ensure they get care according to WHO recommendations.